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Is simplenote for iPhone worth buying?

Asked by rguest (201points) October 26th, 2009

I just found out about this application called simple note. I’m seeing amazing review for this product. Could this be a simple todo/task manager replacement? I was looking at Things for mac, and realize this may be a better and simpler option. This article shows new desktop integration as well. Can I get some opinions on whether or not this is a worthwhile purchase?

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I’ve yet to find an app that is worth buying.

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or is it the kind of thing apple will eventually implement for their native notes app, and render simplenote useless?

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Based on their own FAQ I certainly wouldn’t buy it. For one, they allude to the possibility of your senstive information being stolen (credit card #s, social security #, etc). For two, the number of “updates” and “seriously considerings” and “future improvement“s makes me assume that they’re going to (eventually) come out with a better version that you’d have to pay for again.

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Evernote fulfills pretty much the same function and it’s free.

It also syncs with the cloud as well as desktop applications for both Mac and Windows computers.

This is a category where there are tons of apps for both note taking and task management, most of which are free. You could give some of those a try and if you can’t find a combo that meets your needs, then purchase.

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How are you going to a job at an Apple Store unless you can answer such a question yourself?

Play with the app. Do some homework.

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I’d suggest reading the reviews on the app (on the Apple Store) (some are very positive, but there are many negative ones, too). If you want a note replacement, simplenote or notespark or awesome note will all work. But if you’re wanting a really great to do manager, then Things or Omnifocus is what you want. Both have a Mac desktop client and both have their pros and cons. I wound up going with Omnifocus because I’m a more linear thinker, but Things is also really well implemented and works primarily on the concept of tagging. Omnifocus is constantly updated and they are adding tagging as well.

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