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In what company do you have your WI-FI service with?

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) October 26th, 2009 from iPhone

I want to just get the WI-FI service and get unlimited service on my cell phone (I don’t need both cell phone and home phone) but don’t know wher to get the service from?

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Clear offers a good price.

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Are you still in Austin? I get my internet provided by Time Warner and then have a router (similar one here on Amazon) that provides the wi-fi network off of that connection.

As far as I know the only company providing both cell phone and internet as a package locally is AT&T, so you may be able to get both from them.

Also, Verizon is supposed to be rolling out a similar service, but as of yet I think it’s only available in the suburbs (Round Rock, Cedar Park, etc I believe)...

Rereading your question, I may be misunderstanding. Are you trying to use your internet service to make calls on your cell phone?

If so you may want to look into Skype and see if they have a mobile version (link to their mobile page) available for your cell phone. If your cell phone can also connect to a wi-fi network, then you could use that combination to make calls. You can also use Skype from your computer with a mic and speakers or they even sell phone handsets and other accessories specifically for this purpose (here).

@judochop no Clear here yet, looks exciting though (my folks are in Portland and they’re really advertising that pretty hard up there right now)

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