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What do you know of Blackwater Worldwide, or other privitized military assets?

Asked by kibaxcheza (1078points) October 26th, 2009

Ive been looking for a while but i cant find any real information. I found Email addresses for a few people listed as administrators but they havn’t emailed me back.

What do you know of this company or companies like this? Or privatized military groups in general?

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Yeah, i didnt know if anyone knew it by that name or not.

And i already knew about this incident. I was more looking for how to get hired, and things i can do to be prepared for a job like that….

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As a mercenary or an administrator? I don’t actually know this, but I would be very surprised if they didn’t recruited their fighters, if not their staff as well, exclusively from the armed forces; there’s much less training for them to do, and they know the prospective employees are able and willing to fight, not guys who have watched too many Hollywood movies.

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I can’t imagine why you can’t find the information by doing a search for Xe on google. That’s where I found this and this and this and many, many more listings.

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Only The first of your links was really of any help. And the fact that you think i havent already seen the wiki entry on the organization is honestly very insulting.

@Jayne a mercenary. I know i can be a soldier, i just dont like the pay.

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@kibaxcheza Or maybe your question was poorly worded

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@YARNLADY or second response?

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What in god’s name would you want to work for that vicious organisation for?

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make lots of money, travel the world, kill lots of innocent children.
money trumps morality

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