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Why are any emails from my company automatically being marked as spam?

Asked by rockstargrrrlie (887points) October 27th, 2009

I am currently doing some freelance work for a t-shirt company. Recently, we have discovered that all of our emails are automatically being marked as spam- even those that we have sent to each other. The email addresses we are using are similar to this:

What would cause all of our messages to automatically be interpreted as spam, even across various email providers? How can I fix this?

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I am no computer expert, but can you put the email address in your contacts so it is recognized by your system?

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Are you sending large numbers out at once? I was sending to entire “category” listings in my contacts list, and Yahoo decided that I was spamming.

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We have a list of about 40–50 people we send out at once, but this is happening even when we are just sending an email from one company employee to another.

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Also- I have now placed the email addresses in my own contacts, but I’m unsure how to solve the problem for all of the other people we send emails to.

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Do you have a jpg style logo in the email header ? That is keyed to be from somebody who is phishing.

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Nope- no jpg at all. Just a simple email with a text signature.

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Try to find out what products are blocking you.

You need to check you SMTP server’s IP address here..

and your domain name here

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@rockstargrrrlie Welcome to the reality of ISP’s and email providers determining what they think you will classify as spam. Spam filters don’t work as no-one can classify what you consider spam. Even the big G regularly puts mail that I want into spam folders.

Try as from Skype to Skype is free, and when someone has a message the icon in the systray will flash. Everyone you need to contact will need to download this freeware, but it will beat the email censorship that these companies practise. They will deny my claim, but that’s what’s happening.

I wish you success.

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It’s info that the system can’t recognize and as a caution puts it in spam.. Just keep clicking ‘Not Spam’ until it stops.

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