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Is there a way to stick a plastic bag on it self?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) October 27th, 2009

I’m working on something haute couture and I need to use plastic bag.
I need to make a small bagging to put some wires through it so I thought I’d recycle the plastic bag into a cover for the wires but I wonder how can I glue plastic bag on a plastic bag.

Should I use glue, hot glue..uhh sew it? haha
What should I use?

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Almost all plastic bags are made of polyethylene, which is virtually impossible to glue. It can be melted to itself pretty easily, but even the strongest glues will peel right off.

These are the kinds of tools used to make heat seals in polyethylene.

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Double-sided tape, possibly?

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you can put cloth over it and then iron the two pieces together..Double sided tape is also a good answer..

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Double-sided tape might work, but for haute couture (although I think you must mean that, uh, loosely… or do you mean avante garde?) sewing would be preferable. You’re making clothing, after all! Try a thick thread, or even nylon thread would be good (you can get clear nylon thread, too, which would blend with the plastic bag).

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@Harp, the actual glue would peel off, but the actual tip of a hot glue gun could melt the bag together. BTW, you don’t have to go get a roll of double-sided tape to get double-sided tape. Instead, just create a “log” from a good-sized piece of regular tape so that the outside is sticky.

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OK, just did some experiments:

I have some very strong double-sided tape—carpet tape, actually. It peeled away easily from a plastic bag.

A hot glue gun set on the “hot” setting works great if the plastic is joined immediately, while the glue is still hot enough to actually melt the plastic. The plastic tears before I can pull the seam apart.

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@Harp, aren’t there two types of glue sticks, one requiring a higher temperature than the other?

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@PandoraBoxx Seems like most of the sticks these days are dual-temperature, so they work in both the low- and high-heat guns. Some guns are high-heat, some low, and a few, like mine, have a switch that lets you select.

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I just ran grocery bag through my sewing machine. Worked fine, but you may need to adjust the tension.

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what about spray adhesive?

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you could try a super glue

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Although I have never tried it on anything that thin, Elmer’s Plastic Cement, available at most local discount retailers, works quite well on the small, plastic pieces of a blue-tooth headset ear hook.

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