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Are snapple facts true?

Asked by sarah45654 (7points) October 27th, 2009

I heard there is one fact that says a certain percent of these facts are not true. Is that true ?

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I read on a Snapple cap that 100% of Snapple facts are true. For whatever that’s worth….

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Uh oh, conflict!

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Snapple fact number 1, I believe, is the one about fish and their attention span.
Mythbusters proved that false.

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@PretentiousArtist Thank you! That is entertaining. I always thought that goldfish thing was wrong, too! Mine would follow my finger and would come up to get “petted”

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So, how do we tell true facts from false facts if they are both facts?

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@pdworkin I guess now I’ll look at the caps as mere entertainment, and check out the “facts” if I’m interested.

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yea… goldfish can learn

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@uberbatman Lurve! My goldfish used to swim at me when I came into the kitchen or went into the cabinet that I kept their food in…NOW I see I should trained ‘em ;D

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There’s a nice list of incorrect ones on Snapple’s wikipedia entry.

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@Sarcasm see the “Ahem” post above.

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Dawww. Can’t believe I got beaten by The Pretentious One.

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I was so sure this was gonna be a question about whether it was true that Bin Laden’s family owns a Snapple franchise (which they do!)!

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@filmfann joking? If not…link? scary!

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@uberbatman If you read the entire page, you will see it says Osama bin Laden doesn’t own Snapple, but his family does have ownership of a company with distributing rights, which is what I said.

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@filmfann i honestly didnt even read the whole article, I did see a bit saying how snapple cut ties with the Binladen Group distributors though.

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Of course, everyone knows that 47.3% of statistics are made up on the spot.

Just see here:

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I just found an interesting snapple “fact”
“A group of Jellyfish is called a smack”
You can’t fool us, Snapple!

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they better be i base my life off snapple facts

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