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Why does hearing your mother's voice make you want to cry?

Asked by Avishai (95points) October 27th, 2009

Have you ever noticed that especially when people are sick or upset they tend to get teary when when their mother calls them or something? It never happens with their fathers, grandparents, or siblings! Why does this happen???

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Probably because people have cried to their moms more than to any other family member. Moms are the one to whom most people are most likely to feel they can “let down” their emotions to.

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Because you came out of her hoo-hah?

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@PretentiousArtist HAHAHA!!! That caught me so off guard!!

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In my case, when I hear my mother’s voice I want to request a restraining order.

Are you Mtl_Zack by chance?

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@SpatzieLover I agree

In my family, my mom is more ummm.. “gracious” (lol) than my dad is. So maybe it could possibly be a woman’s nature vs. a man’s in most (not all) cases? Just a thought.

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She’s dead.

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Not sure. I do know that I got pretty teary when my mom called me during the time when I was very homesick after starting college. Of course, her asking me ”Как дела?” didn’t help!

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Because hearing her voice, for me, reminds me of her and how nice, generous, happy, and comforting she is, and a lot of times when you’re having a hard time with something and you hear that voice, or for me anyhow, it just reminds me of happy times and I get sad because the bad time I’m currently having isn’t one of those happy times.

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Moms was the first voice most of us would remember hearing, and most likely the one we learned how to speak from listening to.

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Why does hearing your mother’s voice make you want to cry?
It doesn’t.

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Because you feel safe and can let it all go. You’re seeking comfort. It’s yo’ momma!

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Because it’s your mom….the person who carried you in her womb, who has nurtured you and guided you through many ups and downs. And she loves you unconditionally…

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Tears of frustration, maybe…

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It absolutely does not. This is so foreign to me

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I just wish I still had a recording of my Mom’s voice. It really would make me cry. She passed away in July of 1984, a couple of months before Dad. I still hear them in my memory from time to time.

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I love my mom and sometimes her voice does make me want to get all mushy. Sometimes. Mostly I want to cry because I can’t believe I love such an impossible, over bearing Mom-tard. This is the only way to describe her. I love her with all my heart but there isn’t another person on earth who has aggravated me the way she has.

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@Clair reading “mom-tard” made me choke on my drink!! A laughing choke, that is

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Has anyone ever read this book?

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Only when she happens to call during some trying time in my life does this happen to me. Often she will say something poingnant, something that connects solidly with whatever is going on at the moment. It happens with my dad too, just as infrequently.

I think it gets to me most often because even after all the arguments, the rough times, the apparent fall-outs, I still love her, she really does care, and is there when no one else seems to be. I take her for granted far too often, and when her calls are well timed, I realize this all over again and it is the straw that breaks my emotional camel’s back, so to speak. I know that those times, I can’t help but fear the days when she’s not around to call me, and then I regret all the time in our relationship that was needlessly wasted. It doesn’t help that she’s 2300 miles away, and I can’t just hug her tightly to convey my appreciation or apology. The feeling that wells up and causes the tears is a combination of nostalgia, guilt, frustration, love, and relief; Overwhelmingly complicated and built on a lifetime of interactions.

Oh jeez, now I’m tearing up just thinking about it.

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@PretentiousArtist It makes me nauseous just to look at it. Yet more skeletons from my past caused from Mom. There are certain books I can’t read, certain songs I can’t listen to without going apeshit with bad memories.
I love you forever, I like for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be. BARF

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I am sorry to hear that

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@Clair Stories like yours remind me just how lucky was and I am still, with my sons and grandchildren.

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I feel like such a loser…

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