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Is this activity dangerous or unhealthy?

Asked by jaketheripper (2773points) October 27th, 2009

My friend showed me this activity where he would take fast short breaths until he felt woozy and then he would push on his neck with his hands and tighten his abs increasing blood flow to the brain making him pass out for a couple of seconds. Is this very dangerous or unhealthy?

Note: I understand that doing similar activities to this one with any type of cord or belt or strap wrapped around the neck is extremely dangerous so lets not talk about that.

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HOW old? This is serious! He could die!

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This isn’t dangerous, this is evolution.

I’m kidding. Tell him to stop that shit.

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No, it’s stupid

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Yeah. It’s really stupid.. but it’s REALLY popular.. It’s called the pass out game and I’ve seen it turned into a drinking game.
I think it’s just as dangerous as playing real life Frogger.

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How bored can people be? Tell your friend to stop being stupid. He could injure himself.

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Dumb/stupid/more synonyms

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Dangerous. You’re cutting off blood flow to your brain.

That said, I know I did that with some friends (who I knew were idiots, but I was a kid and wanted to be cool) one time when I was young. I turned out fine. But who knows what may be going on in my head that I don’t know about.

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Did you really have to ask? Your body induces unconsciousness for a reason.

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I am amazed that teenage males survive to adulthood at all.

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I thought it was because there was too much oxygen. otherwise it would happen when you held your breath.

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Isn’t that how they initially put you under for a procedure? they give you a mask with a high oxygen level right?

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@syz It’s ‘coz we got so many more brain cells to spare!~

@jaketheripper You take small breaths, you get less oxygen through your system.

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This question takes me back to my college drug days….people doing ecstacy would commonly do this when they were coming down, when they regained consciousness it ‘re-energized’ the high. Dangerous – yes, unhealthy – yes, immature – yes. It’s a good way to kill a bunch of brain cells real fast. Don’t encourage him to do it, and don’t do it yourself.

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I did this when I was twelve. it’s stupid.

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No its fast deep breaths which creates an excess of oxygen

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@jaketheripper They give you oxygen because many anesthetics compromise your respiratory system. What your friend is doing is causing a lack of oxygen to his brain. He could also cause an arrhythmia.

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@jaketheripper You said in your OP he would take fast short breaths until he felt woozy.
Which is it? short or deep?

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Come on guys lets all deprive our brains of oxygen till we pass out. It will be like totally awesome. When we’re done that, i’ve got some spray paint and gas we can huff.

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@Sarcasm I guess I meant short as in time which is the same as fast lol my bad

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People have died doing this.

Most people get injured
doing this activity because of the fall they take as they lose consciousness.

Overall, there’s no good reason to do this. There’s no good reason for kids to get high off inhalants either but some will do this too.

The point is, don’t you start doing this. It’ll mess you up.

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@jaketheripper He is causing hyperventilation.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic You know, your brevity sometimes makes you sound nigh omnipotent.

Other times, spastic and caveman-esque.

The end.

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Stupid people never cease to amaze me!

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@syz OMG! My stomach was in a knot just watching that video.

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hmmmm…. my older cousins used to “play this game” with me when I was little

note to self cut off all ties with said cousins

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It’s called dumbassery

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Are you serious!?
Girls used to do this at my highschool to get out of gym. What the hell??

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* Confetti *

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I played this game with my brothers so much in middle school…. explains a lot now….

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doesn’t sound like the best idea. ha

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