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Have you ever had a near death experience?

Asked by shockrocks (534points) October 27th, 2009

For example: When I was in the 2nd grade, lightning struck a mirror in my bedroom while I was standing in front of it – ultimately resulting in a cracked skull and severely diminished hearing in my right ear. To this day I struggle with panic attacks during lightning storms.

So have any of you ever been in a bad accident, attacked by an animal, etc? If so, what effect has it had on you if any?

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i havent had any to bad ones, but that lighting story is nuts.

there was this one time though where PnL tried giving me electronic instructions but we dont talk about that….

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I got shot in the butt during a drug interdiction. My flack jacket stopped the bullet, but I had one beauty of a bruise. 20 years later, certain people bring that up usually after a couple beers I dont think I will ever live it down.

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Well, it may not have been a near death experience, percé, but I got stuck on a ski-lift when I was nine. My jacket was stuck to the lift and I went along with it when it descended. That was an interesting experience… dangling over rocks with skiis. I still don’t like heights too much.

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The most danger I’ve ever been in was one time I was in my friend’s car on 101 in Sunnyvale and he was not paying attention to the road and if I hadn’t screamed like a girl, we would have slammed into the back of a truck. I don’t know if we would’ve died, but the truck was stopped and we were still going fast. It definitely makes me more worried about my friends’ driving (and my own), especially this one girl I was with in Oakland. I swear she almost crashed like 5 times during the few hours I was in her car. Some people just don’t have it…

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When I was a kid I nearly drowned. After that, I never learned to swim. I was put in swimming lessons but I wouldn’t jump off the diving board or play in the deep end so they never progressed me. The best I can do is back float and doggy paddle (kinda). I still do not enter the deep end and am that one random adult who still goes swimming anyhow, just staying in the shallow end. I am very afraid of deep water.

I don’t think this would be life and death (certainly not compared to what you went through). But I was in a very bad car accident
I hydroplaned and hit the cement divider going about 65 mph. I didn’t have a cell on me or anything. Thankfully a stranger stopped and helped. I now drive VERY carefully. Also if someone else is driving I get very nervous when passing the cement dividers. I mean I get pretty uptight about it.

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I was in a car accident once. According to my mother, if she had not hit the brakes and turned, I would have been dead right now. So yay, thanks mom.. I guess.

I always die in my dreams though.

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A tree snake fell on me one day when I was mowing the lawn. It wasn’t poisonous – but the panic almost killed me :(

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@fiendxxxclub holy crap! if i wasn’t such a macho manly man, just the thought of a snake could kill me


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@RedPowerLady the same thing happened to my fiancee. The car was totalled but luckily nothing else happened.
Not my near death experience, but on Sunday I saw a woman on a bicycle get hit by a truck. She walked away with a few scrapes but was obviously scared shitless (and so was everyone watching).

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A HUGE pine tree fell away from the house… But probably would have smooshed me if it had fallen the other way. It was really close to the house and it would have bee the thick part close to the bottom that landed right there on me… and the window next to my bed.

I had a slight skydiving landing accident… But that turned out ok.

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@holden Wow. I’m glad your fiance is okay. Exact same thing with me. I was fit as a fiddle, just messed up mentally is all. In regards to the bicycle woman. That is very scary!! I hope she got the insurance information anyhow because she will probably feel pain once the adrenaline rush is gone. Glad she is okay though.

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@avvooooooo Really glsd the laws od selective gravity were working in your favor that day.

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@majorrich Thanks! I think the wind had something to do with it too. :P

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@RedPowerLady yeah, it went down exactly the same except he was going about 45 not 65. It had been raining earlier that day, the car (a little aluminum-bodied Geo Metro) hydroplaned and hit the concrete barrier at the merger of highway 50 and 80. He had a bit of PTSD for a while though. Got the scariest sequence of 4AM text messages in my life that day!

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I have been in a couple of car accidents where I was a passenger and so had absolutely no control over what was going on. The one where we kept spinning around while working our way across three lanes of traffic, a median, and then three more lanes of traffic was perhaps the most memorable one. Otherwise, no, I haven’t really.

However, my husband has in fact died several times, and has also been very close to death several more times.

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@holden Apologies. I used the wrong pronoun, i think I was envisioning myself.

So are there any side effects are has your fiance fully recovered? I think for some reason I’ve hung onto my fear a bit too long. But I really don’t think I have control over it.

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Every time I drive my car is a near death experience.

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@pinkparaluies I know the feeling! I can’t park (not just parallel =/) straight to save my life!

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@shockrocks I’ve got a little ford focus after my beautiful jeep died. The fact that something could smush me bothers me soo much

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@RedPowerLady he denies that it affects him at all. Such a big brave man.

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@holden That made me laugh. Well I suppose if he is being honest he really is brave because man it really gets me.

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Closest I ever came to death was when I was in the hospital after a major surgery and the same nurse tried to shoot me up with Morphine two different times. I’m highly allergic. If Morphine touches my blood I immediately get hives and horrible pain wherever the IV is located. Damn good thing I was awake enough to realize she was trying to give me Morphine for my pain. After that whenever I asked for a shot I made them show me what they were giving me before they put the syringe in the IV. I was in the hospital for about 3 weeks long story and I felt like I had to really watch my own ass the whole time!

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Unfortunately my near death experience was when my boyfriend at the time started an arguement with me, made me a prisoner in my own home, smashed my cell phone to pieces so I was unable to dial 911, and shoved a pillow over my face to suffocate me…most scary moment ever. Luckily I made it out alive. Because their were no marks on my body the police let him go the same day. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

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@ItalianPrincess1217 Unbelievable, isn’t it? Yes, that is just horrible

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@RedPowerLady I was pretty shocked that someone that tried to kill another human being (and had a previous criminal record) was allowed to walk free. To this day, nothing has happened to him. I’m very disappointed in how laid back the police were about the situation. But I guess there’s nothing I can really do about it now…

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Before I could swim, I fell to the bottom of a swimming pool. I remember coming up for air twice, and not being able to gain any breath, then finally sitting on the bottom, going dizzy, and being rescued just before I lost conscienceness.
Oddly that event probably saved my life years later, when I began asphyxiating while working in a manhole. I had a flashback to drowning, and collapsed, but was able to warn others. They saved me, and the problem was corrected.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 I am shocked as well. Sometimes I wish we lived in one of those societies that have communal ways of dealing with abuse. One I heard of, doesn’t exactly apply to your situation, if they know some DV is going on they will gather and stand outside the house singing carols until it stops. I thought that was quite interesting. It is a way of saying “we know and we don’t like it” without confrontation. I guess in that society it works very well.

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I’ve blacked out due to hypoxia and low blood pressure where I’ve had fantastic hallucinations. I’d say it’s about as close to what people describe as an NDE as I could get. It was kind of like a dream where you can see yourself from behind. I saw myself stumbling onto the floor from down the hall. When I woke up I was in a heap on the floor. Very scary. Now I always work my leg muscles and breathe deeply before I get up after sitting for a while.

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Do you remember if your hallucinations were in color? I read somewhere that most of the time we dream, or at least remember them in black and white.

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Hmm, at around age 7, jumped out of a swingset, and ripped a hole in my inner upper arm from one of the bolts that stick out of the A frame. Then at age 11, wiped out on my bicycle and cracked my skull open. Would’ve died if my older brother hadn’t carried me home. Both are evidenced by very visible scars.

Then back in the 90’s, I rolled an 8 ton truck on the interstate in the snow. Truck ended up on its right side, in the median, facing the wrong way. Wheels not touching the ground were still spinning when I leaped out of the cab. Pretty freaky. My last thought as the truck started to go over was quite creative, rhyming with ‘no duck’ and finished with ‘moly lucking spit!’

Near death experiences? Not sure, could’ve died, but the adrenaline kept me ‘trucking’, so to speak.

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@majorrich I believe they were. I’ve also had sleep paralysis hallucinations that were very similar. I had one in which I was standing over myself trying to get the weight off of my chest… was pretty creepy.

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Old thread is old, but I feel like sharing tonight.

I have ulcerative colitis and last year I had a horrible flare up that required that I go on intravenous nutrition for a couple of months. IV nutrition, being a pretty thick substance, can’t just go into any vein; you have to get a pretty heavy-duty catheter that enters through an artery in the upper arm and goes into the heart.
So, after having this thing in my arm for almost two months, I start feeling really, unexplainably sore. Just, all over my body, mostly my legs and joints, hurt like hell. I went to the ER at the local hospital and they told me that I had probably just exercised too much. Holy bullshit batman. If I had listened to them, I’d be dead right now. Luckily I didn’t buy it and travelled to a more upscale hospital an hour away. They did blood cultures and I spent the night.
I woke up the next morning shaking uncontrollably. At the same moment I was hitting my call button, a doctor was already on her way to my room because she had just gotten back from checking my cultures and they had grown some nasty shit overnight. Turns out my IV line had gotten infected; I was going into septic shock, which is the final and most severe stage of sepsis in which your blood pressure plummets and organs start shutting down pretty soon if nothing gets done quickly. About two thirds of people who reach this stage of the infection die, and considering that I was taking immunosuppressants and had already spent three months severely ill, I’m amazed I wasn’t one of them. I was just lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.
Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how lucky I am to be alive.

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