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How do YOU deal with arthritis?

Asked by avvooooooo (8870points) October 27th, 2009

I have arthritis in my foot from multiple surgeries, injuries and all kinds of poo. When the weather changes or it rains (both today), I HURT! How do YOU deal with arthritis? Is there something you’ve found that really helps?

I have Vicodin that I use sometimes, but I like to save it in case of injury which I inevitably do due to my clumsiness.

On a related note, if you have to wear an ankle brace regularly, is there a good all-purpose one that you’ve found? I’ve tried about 12 different ones and they stopped making the Homedics TeraP one I like the best. :(

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I have found that nothing helps more than staying hydrated and light, regular exercise.

I have also modified the types of exercise/sports I’m involved in. I have had to quit doing things I enjoyed years ago like high impact aerobics and running. I still do quite a bit of hiking though, and hope to someday through-hike the entire AT.

On the days when the pain becomes unmanageable, I use ibuprofen.

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Light, regular exercise, plus heat and vibration, orthotics and wide shoes, and sometimes Tylenol. I cannot take any NSAIDs at all, and I avoid the heavy-duty pain meds because I’m the only driver and caregiver.

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I had been working out regularly for several months and I was really worried that the arthritis in my knees would flare up. It comes and goes, not constant pain or anything. After I got into the working out, my knees never hurt me, at all. I was so surprised and happy! Then I had some really bad dental trouble and didn’t feel good enough to work out all the time. I’ve only worked out maybe 5 times in a month and I’ll tell you, my friggin’ knees and calves have been killing me! I’m hoping to get back to the Y full time soon, but my work schedule has changed and so I’m having trouble reworking my life schedule around it.

Also, I use these pain patches Salonpas. If I get a flare up in a finger or knee, I’ll put one on over night and it really helps. It’s like $4 for 40 of them. And I also take Tylenol Arthritis if I have to. I hate taking medicine. Damn the early arthritis that runs in my family!

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@knitfroggy I’m 25. Been dealing with this general deal since I was 9. How’s that for early arthritis? :P

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@avvooooooo UGH! I’m 33 and have been dealing with it since my early 20s. Like I said, it’s not a constant thing or debilitating at all, which I’m thankful for. It’s painful and irritating, but for me, that’s about it. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been dealing with it for so many years.

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@knitfroggy Yeah, when your bones grow together and have to be surgically knocked apart (twice) there are a lot of stinky things to deal with. But hey… at least they haven’t screwed them all together yet.

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@avvooooooo Wow that’s terrible!

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@knitfroggy Yeah, but its congenital. Never had a chance. Arthritis is pesky, but its manageable. More so when I find things that help. The pre-surgical pain in sharp and stabbing, arthritis is an ache. Easy to live with, comparatively, but still a pain in the ass.

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pain meds and getting lost in Fluther.

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Since they have taken most of the drugs that I found effective for my arthritis off the market, (Vioxx, Bextra, etc) I now have to rely on Arthritis strength Tylenol, and ibuprofen.
When my pain is bad I alternate both of these medications. So that, say you can take each of them every 4 hours. I would take the Tylenol, then 2 hours later the ibuprofen., then 2 hours later the Tylenol, etc…
I also use a heating pad or warm rice bag sometimes to sooth the ache.
I try to get regular low impact exercise. It’s hard for me to walk on a hard or uneven surface, and my small town doesn’t have a health club, but I often walk on our high school track that has a rubber surface and cushions the impact. In the nice weather that is. Like you, the rain, damp and cold make my aches much worse.
Try to keep moving . . . . if we rest, we rust!

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Did you know that they make an icy hot roll? I’m trying it now and it seems to be helping somewhat.

Thanks everyone that responded so far!

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I take omega-3s vitamins. Specifically, the ones that combine flaxseed oil with fish oil. It’s helped my knees tremendously – so much so that I forget about them – walk / work out normally, etc, and then when I’m not taking the omega-3s – like we’re out camping for a week – my knees flare up in protest.

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@avvooooooo I didn’t see this question until now. I went to an arthritis specialist as a teen. I found actual arthritis medication to be unhelpful, cause too many side effects, and in general made me feel crappy.

I work out, walk a lot!!!, eat anti-inflammatory foods, and take aspirin regularly. I also suffer from chronic migraines & insomnia. Recently my doc put me on a low dose anti-depressant for pain therapy and it’s helped me deal with arthritis pain as well.

My gramps suffered internal bleeding from his arthritis meds and the fiasco landed him in the hospital for quite awhile

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@SpatzieLover Damn Spatz… It like we’re the same person or something. ;D

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@avvooooooo Maybe we’re long lost sisters ;P

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