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When the candy runs out on halloween, what do you start giving out?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7807points) October 27th, 2009

trick-or-treaters were heavy tonight. weather was good and the snickers candy flowed big time. thought i bought enough, but now i need to satisfy the late-comers or do i just turn off all the lights like i’m not home to begin with?

what do you give trick-or-treaters after the candy runs out?

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My knees give out before that happens.

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My mom used to turn off the lights or put a note on the door saying “be right back!” while she ran to the corner store to get a mega bag of cheap dumdum suckers. Or, she bakes a million cookies and hands those out.

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definitely not toilet paper.

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We usually move on to the trick part of trick-or-treat.

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If we run out, we just shut the front light out & shut the door.

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the leftover lollies from last year, that box of treats that my husband got at that corporate retreat last summer, that bag of coconut gummies that I got at that raffle back in may.

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water balloons are nice. when you throw them – Awesome.

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The lights go out – only because as a kid I hated how people who ran out of candy gave me handfuls of pennies . . .

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We always just stopped it at that point. Usually didn’t happen though; we always had left-over candy my parents bought that my siblings and I would get to have. :)

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Either cash or you might as well start handing out the eggs. They’ll return them right away.

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So far we have never run out of candy, although sometimes we have run out of the good candy. However, traditionally one should turn off the porch light, go inside, and close and lock the door. You can always clean up the mess in the morning.

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Turn off the lights and put out a empty bowl and a sign that says, “Please only take one.”

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@johnpowell The internet for today. You’ve won it.

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i start giving out healthy stuff like apples and steamed broccoli. “y’all hungry? here go some steamed vegetables. they good for ya.”

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One neighbor started handing out grapefruit from the tree in his backyard. He was a little strange, so it is possible he had been handing them out all night long. In any case, word of mouth gave him the freedom to go to bed early.

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Tonight’s a Tuesday night, and not Halloween. Why were there trick-or-treaters?

We’ve never run out of candy, but I’d suspect we’d do what @johnpowell does.

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but then again, i don’t have any candy anyway, so i would start with garlic

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@Sarcasm I thought the very same thing. !!!

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I’m confused.

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We having been having a series of scavenger hunts in our neighborhood. Last night I kept having to hand out carrots, drinking straws, and plastic forks to various ragtag bunches of elementary-school-aged children.

I assume they will all be back on Saturday.

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@Sarcasm :: I was thinking that too. I had to double check that the clock/calendar on my computer was set correctly.

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We turn off the lights and close the door. Latecomers understand. We get about 700 trick-or-treaters each halloween. They come from all over the city. I guess our block is known for the hordes and bountiful bowls of bon bons. In any case, if you don’t get there by 7:30, you can pretty much figure that there won’t be anything left. I bought an awful lot this year, to see if we could have enough to reach the end.

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@Sarcasm no, i know tonight is not halloween. this is a time-sensitive question in advance of the day. asking the question before the day, that’s all…

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Also in my town they have the ‘official’ trick-or-treating date a little earlier than Halloween, usually. I’m not sure why, just that they try to have it during the week and not on the weekend.

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this question is asked as if it were actually halloween. everybody stop getting technical and just flow with the question, you know? geez…

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if you read in the details, the final question is “what do you give when the candy runs out?” that’s the angle i’m getting at…

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I only get about 3 or 4 kids as I’m not in a subdivision and who wants to go “clear up to that house that’s by itself for a lousy piece of candy.” So the 3 or 4 kids that do come get hands full of candy, but I’ve never ran out.

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@Darwin scavenger hunts? OMG…how fun they are! I didn’t think anyone did that anymore. I remember the last one I was on years & years ago. We had to come up with a feather. That was pretty hard to come by.

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@jbfletcherfan – Well, if they needed feathers, I have those, too. But apparently folks on our street don’t stock large numbers of carrots, plastic forks, or drinking straws.

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@SeventhSense Noogies HAHAHAHHAHA i can see the generic creepy guy in the neighborhood noogie-ing the kids and them running, screaming, down his long driveway. not to put a negative spin on noogies, but that was my first thought! lolll

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and for the angry/disappointed/revolted adults that are just stupid.

pull´em aside and just bitch slap them

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and here i was trying to be good…i mean i could have said something really creepy but i refrained

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@nxknxk Sometimes that may happen if Halloween falls on a schoolnight. So kids can go out and extort candy without having to be out way too late and have to wake up early for school.
This year, though, Halloween is on a Saturday, a perfectly reasonable night to trick-or-treat.

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@SeventhSense bbbut, it made me laugh, which in the end really means that it was good.

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Pennies!!! ;)

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i think i’d start giving out old VHS tapes.

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Money. I have a little to spare for the youngsters.

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@charliecompany34 Last year, we ran out of candy and I refused to give kids fruit or my candy I had saved, so we gave them old sports follies tapes.

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Well Grandma always ran a bath and said we could bob for apples…must hold back…

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hey kids! here is “ferris bueller’s day off” on VHS. really good movie. you should see it. and i got some “ghoulies” and some “frday the 13ths” and even some “halloweens” with jamie lee curtis. got VHS? ok, no, got milk?

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Jamie Lee Curtis + Awkward (read: AWESOME) stripping scene in True Lies = oh god

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I used to hand out handfuls of change on the rare occasions that I ran out. Always with an apology. Whatever happened to collecting pennies for Unicef on Halloween? Nobody does that anymore.

Where I live now isn’t very child-friendly, so we get zero to one group of kids. It’s kinda’ sad. :(

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@augustlan Where I lived for the past 5 years, very rural, we didn’t get a single trick-or-treater the entire time I lived there. Which is good, cause we didn’t have to give up any of our candy.

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Quarters or canned goods. The soup flavor that you thought sounded good, but you didn’t like… Or sometimes there are granola bars or something around that you forgot about. Not the good ones, but the ok ones you bought in bulk from Sam’s and those that looked good, but weren’t that great… :D

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@avvooooooo Or handfuls from the fifteen pound bin of peanuts you got at sams club but got sick of after the first 8 pounds?? hahaha ewww.

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Yeah, I don’t think I’d give out anything not individually wrapped… But cans are individually wrapped, right? So is that redi rice…

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I never run out. I buy enough candy to feed the entire city for a month. 2 weeks if they’re really unhealthy and live only on candy.

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I used to send out my son or grandson with a trick or treat bag and a sheet over their head, and they came back with enough to cover. Now, we don’t get enough kids to run out, and I give out packages of chocolate powder for hot chocolate.

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I go out trick or treating myself, to get the candy that I will be handing out. What’s the point in me spending my money when I can get it for free?

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Comic books.

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I’ve never run out before. At the end of the night I usually have at least an entire bowl full of candy, so I just dump it all into the last kid’s bag. That’s what they get for being intrepid and staying out later!

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@delirium : I will be the “child dressed as an adult” trick-or-treating at your door this year. When do you expect to run out of the candy? :^>

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If the kid is someone whose parents deserve it, I might consider handing out puppies.

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I used to put my kids in charge at that point and they would share their loot.

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My neighboor would bust out his paintball gun once the candy ran out and he would find a perch over the garage behind massive decorations (guy turns his house into a haunted castle) and starts picking off the kids that vandalize houses in the neighborhood.

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Turn out the lights, go out and party!

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Beer. Hey y’all, watch THIS!!1

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Oh, wait. I do that anyway.

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