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Should I buy snow leopard?

Asked by rguest (201points) October 27th, 2009

Just wondering if snow leopard is worth upgrading to. I have a first generation macbook air. Thanks!

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I thought you were talking about a pet. And then a car. It was the “topics” that finally clued me in.

So uncool. And now, seeing the answer that follows, I realize I still have no idea. Sorry for answering. This was no help at all.

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It is 29 bucks. I think it is worth it for the increased start-up speed and the savings in disk space. A lot of little things have changed that make it better. Not really any obvious features but a lot of little tweaks that make it better.

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I only clicked on this thread because I was under the impression that you were talking about a snow leopard. The animal. Now that I see that it’s clearly about a computer I’m completely disappointed. Darn.

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Im with everyone else – i thought that you meant a real live snow leopard!
So much disappointment.

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I think you should buy an actual snow leopard just to spite everyone here.

However, OS-wise, it’s probably worth it for the same reasons @johnpowell brought up.

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Actually someone I know got caught importing baby cheetahs for a drug dealer & is currently hiding out in Ecuador…..which is why I thought you meant a cat too!

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I think the software upgrade is completely worth it.
It gave my iMac some Much-needed speed.

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Yes. Apple said it would give anyone who installed it an extra 7 gigs of memory, but it freed up 14 of mine! It’s also noticeably faster as well. Well worth the $29.

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If you have an extra $29.00 and could use the HD space, sure. If not, don’t. It is a luxury upgrade, not a necessity.

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@missingbite :: There are a bunch of API’s that were added. It won’t be long until some software will require 10.6.

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Just get it. 30$ to keep your Mac as advanced as possible makes sense.

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