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Can I have two audio-lines out on my Macbook Pro?

Asked by Breefield (2733points) October 28th, 2009

I run the music for school fundraisers occasionally (they’re called “tech parties,” everyone games, etc). I’d like to be able to preview songs in firefox, or an audio program like iTunes, and only actually play music from one program.

I know there are programs to split your mac’s internal audio lines, so I can mute firefox but leave iTunes going (oh-so-useful for flash games :). But I’m not sure how to tackle this problem without using two computers, and an annoying file transfer situation in order to get music I was previewing on one machine to the other, and then play it.

I’d like to have two audio lines out, and manage which program plays to which line out.
a.) I don’t know how you have two lines out, or what hardware I’d need for that matter.
b.) Any good program recommendations for splitting the internal lines, routing specific programs to specific lines.

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I would probably start with this.

I would contact them here and ask if it will work.

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I figure that would show up in this list:
And then in any other…line splitting software, good call.

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iTunes and an Apple Airport Express can do this, via Airtunes

Set iTunes’ output to the Airport Express.
All other applications use the Mac’s audio output.

Works on Windows machines, too.

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The Audio 2 DJ

Comes with all the cables and software you need, you can connect one output direct to your soundsytem and use the other for headphones so no need for an external mixer or controller

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