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What finish should I use on my front door?

Asked by syz (35679points) February 6th, 2008

My house has pale yellow siding and a faded, blotchy, almost powdery looking front door in a medium blue. I like the door in a blue color but I can’t decide on a finish. I’ve seen websites that sell (expensive) fancy paint kits that promise a “glassy” finish. Is that just for formal entries? What will hold up the best to full sun?

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Get an oil based paint it will last the best. You can get any color you want.

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Or marine enamel. Not sure if you can get the color mixed to
order, but a good paint store will add tint color to it for you to customize it. Marine enamel is used on boats so you know it’ll hold up and stay way shiny. Take
the door down off the hinges before you paint it to give you the best possible
evenness control.

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