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Is silicone a plastic?

Asked by surlygirl (363points) February 6th, 2008

does it leach bad things into your food like other plastics? i love my silicone muffin pans and really don’t want to give them up :(

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Silicone is chemically inert and poses no known health risk. It is completely safe to use as cookware and will not leech into your food.

Oh, and it’s not technically a plastic, although it displays properties of plasticity.

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Stretchy, jiggly and vividly colored… it sounds more akin to condoms than cookware.
Can silicone, the rubbery stuff of breast implants and bathtub caulking, really bake a cake as well as a solid metal pan?,FOO-News-silicone16.article

Silicone is now being used to make a whole variety of useful non-stick cooking items. They are bright and colorful and easy to store. While there are no stovetop pots and pans, there are hundreds of useful kitchen items, including baking pans, baking sheets, spatulas, molds, ice cube trays in fun shapes (that also can double for baking little cakes), rolling pins, and more.


The second issue is that of safety. Although assumed safe, no real long-term studies have been done on whether the silicone can leach out at high temperatures. I regularly use silicone spatulas and scrapers because I’m not baking with those and they’re not in contact long enough with food items to really leach anything out (I’d like to think that, anyway).—1448

Lekue Gourmet has been specially designed by professional chefs for patisserie and finger food. This 9 cup nonstick silicone madeleine pan will help you to prepare these delicious French cookies and unmold them with ease.

foam versus silicone puppets


NSFW but for those who like to know… the first thing that I thought of was…
If its good enuff for s*x… (not sure on language or subject rules but this is for educational purposes). note NO PICTURES!

Smooth, soft, flexible, and jiggly. Silicone resembles real skin. It even retains body heat for a lifelike feel. When you run your hand on silicone you feel no blemishes. Used in high quality sex toys

We are all familiar with hard plastic. It does not bend and it’s cold.

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I am not 100% sure, but I am inclined to call silicone (the synthetically derived material spelled with an e, not to be confused with silicon, the inert naturally occurring element) a plastic since it is technically a polymer.

Everything I know about the difference between silicon, silica, silicone… is based on internet searches, but from what I have read thus far, silicon is basically an ingredient used to produce silicone.

I am totally convinced silicon is inert. Everything I have read to this point indicates silicone is also inert.

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Well silicone is not belong to plastic.And it is not harmful to our human body.You can keep your silicone muffin pans.Besides there is s Silicone Heat Pad here you can check out this site . I think you may be interested in it.Best wishes to you a better life.

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Silicone is a component from silica – which is derived from sand. While eating a handful of beach is probably not good for you, I don’t think it is particularly harmful, or likely to be. Plastic on the other hand is derived from petroleum which is a known toxin. Which would you rather eat – sand or gasoline? :) I would opt for the sand whenever possible. Also, sand isn’t going to do much when its heated, so likely it’s safe, though the vinegar component it’s mixed with to give it texture might be an issue.

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