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Are potato chips vegetables?

Asked by tinyfaery (40184points) October 28th, 2009

I have to take a medical test on Friday, and the preparation includes a special diet. I am not supposed to eat any vegetables. I am craving potato chips, but my wife says I shouldn’t eat them because of the diet. I say there is no way that a potato chip is still a vegetable.

So is it?

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They’re not.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities : I’m fat and I don’t consider them veggies. :)

They’re a veggie, but very starchy and fried to an unrecognizable state. Maybe you can call the place and they can tell you?

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Potatoes are vegetables.

They therefore vegetable products.

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When in doubt its always best to err on the side of caution.

i would think potato chips would go against your diet regulations.

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this made me lol
“I’m fat and I don’t consider them veggies. :)” And then in the next sentence “They’re a veggie,”

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I always include them as 5 of my 5–9 daily servings of veggies so it’s probably best to skip them.

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Are they trying to get you to avoid fiber (do they also want you to stay away from whole grains)? If so, then chips would be a no-no.

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Yeah, I guess to clarify, I should’ve said that potatoes are a veggie, but then read the rest of what I wrote

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I vote yes, they are a vegetable.

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One more vote for yes.

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Uhhh… yes, they’re tasty, tasty vegetables!...

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@ubersiren i knows, just messin with ya :P

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Potato chips probably will affect the test. They were originally vegetables, and then sliced, salted, and fried, but they still contain vegetable proteins.

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Okay, fine. I am supposed to avoid whole grains too. Boo.

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Maybe you can have nuts instead? No, not in that way

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A rose by any other name is still a rose…

Cut em, chop em, mash em, pound em, fry em, bake em, boil em, burn em or just eat em. A potato, is a potato, is a potato.

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sounds like an evil, evil test :(

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There are many other chips you could have instead; apple, plantain, chocolate, wood.

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It depends what kind of mood you’re in!

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No nuts or any veggies or fruit. I can only do clear liquids tomorrow. I say again, boo.

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Poor tiny! What an awful diet. :(

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I did it for the lulz.

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@Capt_Bloth: 50% of your suggestions won’t work for our resident faery.

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Are Rapsberry Milanos a fruit. Help!

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@asmonet is wood a veggie?
@tinyfaery sorry your diet sucks. Raspberry milano cookies are fruit if potato chips are a veggie. and the lettuce and tomato on a whopper are a salad :p

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@tinyfaery Why don’t you just eat some meat?

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I already ate some chicken. I want a snack, dammit.

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They are made from potatoes so even though they are not a healthy form of vegetable, they are still vegetables. I doubt they figure in to your servings of veggies daily though, which just doesn’t seem right!

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I tell myself its a vegetable. Makes me feel better. :D

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A snack @tinyfaery?

*cottage cheese
*hot tea
*seeds or nuts (for crunch)

If you can’t have starches, you’ll want to fill up with something hot maybe…chai/cocoa/tea come to mind.

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Ice cream? A piece of cheese? Bacon?

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Bacon is ALWAYS the right answer :)

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Call the doctor and ask.

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Why can’t you have some crackers? Grain is not excluded is it?

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Make some s’mores!

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Seriously? No way, Jose.

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Although the potato is typically classified as a vegetable to me it would make more sense to put it in the same group as rice, corn, grain and cereal. Potatoes are a high-glycemic form of food. Very different from cucumbers and tomatoes. See also

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@mattbrowne So you consider corn a grain not a vegetable?

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@everyone look above “Okay, fine. I am supposed to avoid whole grains too. Boo.”

Today she can only have clear liquids…Bleeeeeeeech!

@tinyfaery I hope the test goes well and your SO takes you out for a nice meal (or you eat well at the Mansion;)

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@SpatzieLover I don’t think Ritz crackers and Saltines are whole grains, there is enriched bleached flour in the ingredients I think.

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@JLeslie I’m with you on those! ;) They hardly qualify as food. Depending on the test they’d be gone overnight in your digestive track, too.

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Good luck with the test @tinyfaery. Enjoy all the potato chips you want tomorrow p.m.

(P.S. If you go to the Hefner soiree, we want the dish!)

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@JLeslie – No, I don’t. Many years ago a nutritionist/dietitian recommended the following simply rule for main dishes:

Divide the plate into one half and two quarters:

One quarters contains protein and fat, the second quarter is carbs, and half of the plate is high-fiber vegetables and salad (or even just high-fiber vegetables plus side dishes of low-carb fruit and salad)

Potatoes and bananas for example have to be treated differently from cucumbers and apples.

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