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What programming language will be useful to an Aerospace Engineer?

Asked by Shuttle128 (2979points) October 28th, 2009

I’ve taken a basic Computer Science course in which I learned MATLAB. I’ve heard that a few engineering companies use MATLAB, but I’m concerned that having only one language under my belt is too few. I’d like to get some idea on what kinds of programming languages might be useful in real world engineering applications.

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Perhaps this is something you could look into.

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I actually had started trying to learn Python about 6 months ago. I was going through the tutorials and kind of lost my place. I wasn’t sure how useful it would be in the long run though. I guess it couldn’t hurt, I’ve been meaning to learn it so I could write plugins for a simulator I use.

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I know that many engineering firms do use MATLAB, but it becomes most useful when you can vectorize most of the procedures, which isn’t always possible. I think learning the basics of C or C++ would be something great to put on a résumé. I just posted the Python link because it was directly linked to aerospace.

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Ah. Actually I’ve heard C as well, but wasn’t sure about how much it was really used. I’ve also been told FORTRAN as weird as that sounds…..

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Pilot :D

No, I jest.

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Matlab <—very important, learn as much as you can

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I’ve got a good bit of MATLAB under my belt. The main CS requirement for engineers at Georgia Tech is learning MATLAB. Actually, I’m pretty well versed in Mathematica as well. Anything I don’t want to bother integrating by hand I’ll use Mathematica for it. I’m actually kind of surprised at how much MATLAB is actually used in the real world. I would guess it’s mostly the Simulink portion that gets used the most (which I’m enjoying learning this semester).

Thanks for the answers so far. I think I’ll probably end up teaching myself Python and I’ll try to take a C++ class next semester as it’ll probably be the only way I’ll reliably focus on learning a C language.

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I would highly recommend Python especially if you know Matlab:

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I agree with jackm!

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ADA is mostly used in high value programming tasks (for example programming control systems for air and space) because of it’s strict typing and other safety features. It’s also somewhat similar to C.

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