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What other social websites are you involved with where you gain points and awards the more you contribute to it?

Asked by erichw1504 (26396points) October 29th, 2009

Just like Fluther where you gain lurve and awards, what other web sites do you enjoy like it? How many points and awards do you have on them? What is so enticing about gaining such cred?

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HGl3ee's avatar It’s a site for the Mistubishi Lancer Evolution 2008, ten or X. The points are very hard to gain but very much worth the effort. I only have a hand full while my SO has around 1500. With the points, the site has a store where you can buy parts for the Evo or get discounts on parts. He is currently looking at a turbo upgrade or new fuel injectors ^_^

We be car nerds! – LB

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I enjoy Hunch, Super User, Doc Type, and Stack Overflow.

I have over 20,000 banjos as of now on Hunch. That’s all I can think of right now.

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Askville gives out “quest gold”, which is the same thing as lurve. It used to be redeemable for Askville branded items such as shirts, hats, and mugs, but they got rid of that feature.

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There are NO other websites like Fluther!!

la la la la I’m not listening

::ahem:: – I’m terribly sorry. My inner five-year-old briefly escaped.

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I’m not active on any other websites like this now, but I still have a Gaia account. I got a lot of my monthly items when they were brand new a few years ago, so a lot of them are pretty valuable now, and I’m thinking of donating them.

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Askville has gold, but only for answering questions in the (oft malfunctioning) answer section as opposed to discussing in the discussion section.

And it blows.

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Like I need more.

dpworkin's avatar has what they call “Karma” which is meant to be an index of your activity, and of how many people repond to your posts.

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Interesting, this award system really seems to be taking off, especially with the new guys. Props to Tim.

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*taking off in popularity

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@cprevite my inner five-year-old just threw mud at your inner five-year-old.

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@Psychedelic_Zebra: thhhrrrbbbettt (raspberries) :^)

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none for me.

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@cprevite improvised onamonapias ftw

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@Grisaille: ‘tis from all the years of absorbing comic book sound effects.

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