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Can I eat fish fillets that I bought yesterday but didn't keep on ice?

Asked by MissAusten (16127points) October 29th, 2009

It’s fresh cod fillets that I bought yesterday to make for dinner. Our plans changed, and the fish is still in my fridge, all wrapped up. I know it should be on ice, but kind of forgot about it (crazy day). If I cook it for dinner tonight, will we all die a horrible food poisoning death? Or am I being paranoid?

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How do they smell?

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You should fresh fish on the same day as purchase. I think if it’s within 24 hours you should be fine.

Just don’t quote me on that if you all die a horrible food poisoning death. ;P

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I’ve kept fish overnight and cooked it the next day and it was fine. As long as it’s only one day and it hasn’t sat out. (But then what do I know, I eat fish raw in the ocean! :-))

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@MissAusten When I first saw you r question I was thinking you left them on the counter

They thawed in the fridge. Should be fine & dandy!

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If you kept it cold then it should be fine.
The important factor as pdworkin said is how it smells. If it smells “off” then it is “off”
But if it was wrapped and not exposed to the open air, you should be all right.


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Cod will be fine after one night in the fridge. Just make sure it is flaky all the way through, and if there were, perchance, any pathogens that will take care of it. Here’s a great recipe:

Chop a bunch of garlic, and a bunch of parsley, and slice some red potatoes very, very thin, as for chips. Add ½ cup EVOO to the garlic and parsley, and divide into 2 equal portions. Mix one portion with the potato slices, and spread them in a baking pan.

Bake the potatoes at 450 for 20 minutes, until they sizzle, and start to brown.

Now, lay the fish one top of the potatoes, add salt and fresh Tellicherry ground pepper, and spread with the remaining parsley, garlic and oil.

Return to the oven still at 450 for another 18–20 minutes. Oh, Yummity©

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I’ve had the same thing happen on occasion; as long as the fish stayed cold it should be fine.

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@everyone I always put my cod in the fridge to thaw before I Italian bread crumb the fillets and fry ‘em in olive oil.

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Scary question :P

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They weren’t frozen when I bought them. I’ll give it a sniff, and if it seems off we’ll have Italian sausage instead.

@pdworkin That recipe sounds fantastic! I don’t have any potatoes though. :( I’m going to “oven fry” them, which my kids love. Next time I’ll try your method!

If I never return to Fluther it may be due to an untimely food poisoning death.

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@MissAusten no death…but it’ll feel like death when your hugging the sides of your toilet God

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Well, I took the fish out and it really didn’t smell that great. Better safe than sorry, so we’re having frozen pizza. I decided the sausage was too much work after schlepping the kids to the orchard for pumpkins and several trips through the hay maze, all while feeling like I’m coming down with a bad cold.

@SpatzieLover I’ve been there too many times to even think about risking it!

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Say hi to David Carradine for me.

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It depends on how old they were when you bought them but if they were refrigerated and they don’t smell real funky you should be fine if they are cooked completely. The good news is you will find out pretty quickly if you have food poisoning. You’ll just start violently wretching up everything you’ve eaten since breast milk and then it will probably come out the other end. And once the lining of your stomach as inverted itself to be on the exterior of your body and you lie very still for a couple of hours you’ll feel fine. :)

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@SeventhSense That is the most strikingly accurate description of food poisoning I’ve ever heard. Twice in my life I’ve been sick like that, once at a convention for my sorority where hundreds of college girls from all over the country were staying at this one hotel. Half of us got terrible food poisoning from the hotel food (we later found out it was the salad). There were shuttles taking girls to the hospital, and even our national president got sick. It might have been the only time in history large numbers of sorority girls puked without the involvement of alcohol.

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@SeventhSense Reminds me of my father’s description of a stomach virus he had years ago, “I didn’t know whether to shit or get off the pot.”

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Yes and the hospital can’t do anything for you anyway. It just has to run its course.

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When I went to the hospital for food poisoning, they gave me a shot that was supposed to help me stop puking. Didn’t really work. Some of the girls were admitted to be treated for dehydration. But you’re right, @SeventhSense , it just has to run its course.

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I guess dehydration is an issue but one is usually fine in 24 hours and just hungry and thirsty. Now I had pneumonia once and I was seriously ill for two weeks and I literally didn’t know which end to put on the bowl. And just getting to the bathroom was agony, I literally had to crawl across the floor. I was so weak.
EVERYTHING, including my hair (if that’s possible) hurt. At that time I was seriously concerned about dehydration because as soon as I took a sip or bite of anything I puked. That was as close as I’ve come to death.

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@SeventhSense I was about to GA you, but somehow it didn’t seem right! (Sorry that happened to you.)

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No biggie. I haven’t yet been able to redeem my lurve for frequent flyer miles yet…not even a fluther gift certificate…~_~

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