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Why isn't my macbook pro (latest model) sleeping when I close it?

Asked by kfingerman (992points) October 29th, 2009

I fold it down and put it away. When I look into my bag a while later, the little apple logo is still glowing on the front (or it’s run out of juice and died). What’s going on? I’ve looked to those energy settings I could find in the preferences menu and found nothing.

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Can you sleep it manually via the apple menu?

Try calibrating the battery
resetting the PRAM

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What is is saying if you run the command on the next line in the Terminal?

pmset -g

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I don’t have a technical answer, but my MacBook sometimes does the same thing. So I have just begun the habit of putting it to sleep before I close the lid. It goes to sleep just fine with the lid up, it is when I close it without putting it to sleep first.

Mine also will not wake up if I don’t manually put it to sleep before closing the lid. Often I will have to do a cold start up to get it going even though it is not really asleep. Meaning I have a blank very dark screen (as opposed to the black sleep screen) with the cursor on it.

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