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Why are slugs invading my kitchen sink?

Asked by loser (14965points) October 29th, 2009 from iPhone

It’s disturbing! Every night I can find anywhere from 1 to 8 slugs crawling all over the kitchen sink in the middle of the night. I’m not sure where they come from. There’s also orange stuff oozing through the paint on the baseboards. What the heck is going on with this house? Should I be concerned?

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I have never had this problem. I’m interested in seeing what is going on.

Could the orange stuff be where the slugs are coming from or perhaps it’s their slime trail?
Or do you think they are coming from the sink?

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I have no idea, but that is SO cool.

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I have seen slugs that have sort of orangey slime…. if it were me, I think I would do the beer-baited slug trap in the sink. The orange stuff is coming through the paint? All I can think of is either sap from the wood, or some kind of fungus. Ew.

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They are here to crawl in your ears and eat your brains. Right in time for Halloween, and you thought it was just a holiday for kids.

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Sounds to me as if you have a leak plus some sort of crack in the foundation that allows the slugs to come in from outside.

If you own the house I would get a structural engineer out to do a thorough inspection before something even more interesting happens, such as mold on everything or ceilings falling in.

The ceiling in my grandmother’s house fell in because they had squirrels and apple trees. The squirrels gathered the apples and stored them in the attic. Eventually enough of the apples rotted that the ceiling got too wet and fell in. From then on the living room always had a faint scent of cider.

If you don’t own the house, tell your landlord and see if either he/she will fix it, or will lower your rent.

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Clean your house.

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If you own your home it’s time to cll in professional help…NOW!!!

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Stop putting lettuce down the drain.

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Could be your sewer pipe has broken, and the slugs are crawling up it into your kitchen.
I suggest you sleep with your mouth closed.

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@RedPowerLady That’s like the scene from Beastmaster, where the dude gets a slug in his ear and it turns him into a raving monster. Freaked the hell out of me as a kid!

@loser Photos! We need photos! It really might help.

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@filmfann thank you for that image which is now permanently ingrained in my brain

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It’s time to start covering your house in salt. That’ll teach those slugs what’s what.

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Maybe this guy could help.

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I have slugs in my yard, but they know better than to invade my house. Have you tried putting cheap beer in a shallow dish and leave it in the yard? Sure, you might have to take the broom and brush off a few bums or NASCAR fans now and then, but at least the slugs will drown in the cheap beer.

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@MissAusten my lil sister loved that show/movie maybe I unconsciously remembered it all these years later, hehe

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I agree. Could we have photos????

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I’m not sure how to post a picture but tell me how and I’ll do it. I don’t put anything down the drain, clean the sink every day, (because, ew!) I keep the whole place clean, and when I find them I relocate the little suckers so there must be a ton of them. Luckily, I don’t own the place, I just rent it. The landlady doesn’t seem to care but I’m just wondering if the whole floor is rotting or something.

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So it’s easy to post a picture. Take the picture with a digital camera or your phone. Upload it to the computer by connecting the wire to the computer. Then save the picture to say a facebook account, myspace account, or photobucket account. Then click on that picture to make it large. Copy the URL and give us the link. Does that make sense? (sorry I didn’t know which part you aren’t sure how to do).

I get it about the landlord. They rarely care about issues like this. I am really hoping for someone to get a good answer for you.

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gather them up, get a little olive oil, and serve escargot. =)

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@RedPowerLady I get it about the landlord. They rarely care about issues like this. kind of a broad generalization, isn’t it? Not all landlords are Fred Sandford, ya know!

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@Psychedelic_Zebra You are right it is an overgeneralization and I don’t intend to do so. Having said that I am speaking of my past landlords and not all of them in general. As a renter though we do have to put up with certain issues that happen all to often, like your landlord not giving a crud, hehe. What I should have said is all of my previous landlords did not care about issues similar to this

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Did you ever figure this out??? This particular question keeps popping into my mind from time to time. (actually i find quite a bit of amusement from it).

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Because the slugs are really MUTANT ALIENS!!!!!!!! wooo

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So uh what ever happened??

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Heck if I know! I moved outta there!!!

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OMG. I’m gonna frow up.

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