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Should I replace the notes app on my iphone?

Asked by rguest (201points) October 29th, 2009

I am hearing a lot of amazing things about the iphone notes application simple note. It is a basic note taking app that syncs wirelessly with a web app, and now has a free desktop application. Do you think it is worth replacing the native iphone notes app, or just should I just wait until apple implements note syncing over mobileme?

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what do you use the notetaking app for?

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sometimes I jot down a few random notes. I have an app for todo’s and a twitter notepad, so I don’t use it for a huge amount of things.

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Same here, I can’t see myself upgrading it, I hardly ever use it!

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The various notes apps on the app store are really affordable, so it wouldn’t hurt to try a few of them. I wouldn’t wait for Apple to update their notes app—they haven’t done much with it.

I’ve read good things about simplenote. I haven’t bought that particular one, but I’ve tried awesome note (a little to cutesy for me), notespark (it also syncs automatically, but to a web-based app), shovebox (it’s great for syncing a bunch of different things: urls, web archives, notes, etc. but it’s a bit buggy). My favorite app for notetaking is writeroom because of its interface. It’s clean and elegant. It syncs to its own web site but you can easily import those notes into scrivener (mac) or Word.

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