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What are you top three favorite online internet radio stations?

Asked by artemisdivine (1092points) February 7th, 2008

I adore music and think that internet radio stations are one of the greatest parts of the internet. If FLUTHER had a station, i would go with cause its cool. I have a few faves but would like to hear from others what they like/listen to (does not have to be a recommendation for a fluther station i just wanted to show where my thinking came from).

here are some sites i love that helps you FIND stations.
Welcome to the The Stream Center, a list of American Radio stations broadcasting on the internet.

GO SAN FRAN & JAZZ woo hoo….

as a bonus, here is a cool music blog…

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I use
You simply tell it a band you like and it creates a radio station with that band and other bands and songs with similar characteristics. You can add other bands to that one station, and you can have multiple stations. And you can tell it if you love or hate any song that it plays so it knows what you like. Very cool.

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a tip for pandora… if you start your station with a specific song that you like, you will get much better results

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Pandora is great! I also tend to spend a lot of time on and

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We the People Radio –

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I use xmradio online…Fred, Ethel or Lucy are on all day.

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different channels at (groovesalad & secret agent are great)

all are pretty cool depending on what you want to listen to.

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Yeah, I know you wanted three but I have 9 in my Prog playlist.
Listening to Delicious Agony as I write this…

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another vote for pandora…

Other than that, there are too many cool indie stations out there to have a favorite station.

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