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How come my eye colour is different in each eyes and changes?

Asked by ilvorangeiceblocks (860points) October 30th, 2009

Lately I’ve been looking deep into my eyes in the mirror. It turned out that my right eye is deep brown which is the colour I have thought my eyes have been my whole life. But I noticed a few things in my left eyes. 1: The eye has a giant green patch towards the bottom of it. 2: There is a little black spot towards the edge of my iris in the iris. The next day I looked at my left eye again and the green patch was bluer than before. It has been changing colours from shades of brown, blue and green for a while now. Is this normal? Or is it a rare condition? Or what?

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I’m sure its normal. I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Wow… That’s so cool. I want color-changing eyes.

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Might be related to nutrition.

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Radiation poisoning. Are you living in part of the former Soviet Union by any chance?

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I had an ex that claimed when I was angry, my eyes would turn from blue to green. When I was extremely happy, they would be bright blue.

I have never noticed this… but I don’t often get angry. I have noticed that my eyes at times do seem more blue than others.

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I have dark brown, almost black colored eyes, and my mom and dad told me that they would have a blue stripe in them. I personally have never seen it, but I had a nun tell me I was possessed because she said they changed color.

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Mines change with the color of clothes I’m wearing.
Light clothes = Green
Dark clothes = More hazel-ish

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I doubt its the clothes that you wear, more or less what kind of lighting youre in.

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it all has to do with the production, placement, and degradation of pigment in your eyes. i don’t think it has anything to do with external factors. check this link out. hope it helps.

by the way. my eyes do the same thing. they’re constantly changing shades of browns and greens.

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@dphhaas so I read the article, and I don’t understand how my eyes get the blue in them. My mother told me, it was because I was passionate with a deep anger inside.
I know it sounds funny, but what do you think?

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I have hazel eyes which change color from olive green to golden.

Those little flecks are normal. I believe seeing some chart in some alternative medicine thing somewhere that talked about how the flecks in your irises indicate trouble in different organs, but it seemed like hooey to me.

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@dphhaas thank you very much for the logic <3

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has the blue actually expressed itself? your previous post says that your mom and dad told you you would have a blue stripe, but not that you do now. i think your eye color is going to be controlled by the genes passed on from your mother and father. if both of your parents have the blue streak, or if it is predominant in your family history, then its a good possibility you will too. i’m not a geneticist but your dominant genes are more likely to be expressed than recessive ones. but i also believe you should do what makes you happy. so if you think its because of your passion and deep inner anger, then so be it.

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@dphhaas my father has blue eyes. I don’t know what to think. I don’t get that mad anymore, it is rare that I get that mad.

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i’m sure everyone in your life appreciates that. if you have not reached puberty yet, your body is still in its developmental stage and will undergo many many more changes in the years to come.

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no, I’m not in the puberty stage anymore. Thank goodness.

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Maybe there was a different lighting?

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