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I love dethklok. what other metal might i like?

Asked by dphhaas (164points) October 30th, 2009

i’ve been listening to punk rock for the past decade. as time went on, i slowly found myself starting to transition from punk rock to thrash, and now from thrash to metal. don’t get me wrong, i still love punk rock and thrash. but ever since i got the first dethklok album , i’ve been craving metal. i just don’t know much about the genre. some of the other bands i like include slayer, amon amarth, exodus, kreator, sodom, and warbringer. based on this, can anyone recommend other bands for me to check out? thanks.

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look at this site- lots of good metal bands and music critic,

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This Site is really good for finding artists that are similar to each other. I use it a lot

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How about the best of both worlds…At the Gates, Skitsystem, Dystopia, Totalitar, Tragedy, Disfear, Nausea, Skarp, El Dopa (aka 1332), Hiatus, Extreme Noise Terror.

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Oh, and is a good metal site.

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@forestGeek lol “Skitsystem”. Swedish band. The name of the band is a swedish word, but could have been english.

I love disturbed and godsmack. Nu-metal.

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Narcosis, Cannibal Corpse, Yyrkoon, Cryptopsy, Sammath Naur, Cradle of Filth, Opeth, Wintersun, Dimmu Borgir is really good. Dethklok and the above are all mostly black metal bands, so maybe try googling black metal or searching some black metal compilations on itunes. oh, and welcome to fluther :)

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what differentiates black metal from speed metal from death metal, etc. and what are all the different types of metal?

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well, everyone describes the types of metal differently but this list may help you.

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I prefer old school metal more than anything, like Iron Maiden and Ozzy Ozbourne/Black Sabbath. Metallica’s pretty good as well.

Plus, I consider Korn and System of a Down to be metal (not nu-metal) and I like them a lot.

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Black Dahlia Murder or All Shall Perish

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The awesome thing about Dethklok is that nearly everything on that show is a reference to something metal, like the burger place being called Dimmu Burger or the movie star’s name being Amarth (in that episode where they make the movie Blood Ocean.) A lot of the guest voice actors on the show are musicians. Freaking Mike Patton did voice work for them! All this stuff is in there as a tribute to music that the show’s creators like, so it would be a good place to start investigating. You can find the list of voice actors on the Metalocalypse wiki.

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Iron Maiden, man. They’re kinda silly and epic like Dethklok.

You can’t go wrong with Number of the Beast.

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