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String theory in a nutshell?

Asked by wabarr (458points) February 7th, 2008

Can anyone boil this down for me?

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Matter is really just energy oscillations, and the universe really consists of eleven dimensions.

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Probably not what you’re going for, but worth a laugh….link

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Your best bet is the watch the Nova program The Elegant Universe. It is three hours but it is worth it and provides a watered-down version that easy to digest .

Unfortunately it is broken up into around six minute chunks, but it is free.

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@hannahsugs: Thanks for getting me to procrastinate for an hour in a new and extremely giggly way!

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@uberbatman. Wow…thanks for that mind bending link.

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@uberbatman—I can’t help but imagine Douglas Adams’ Total Perspective Vortex after visiting your link.

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