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What can i eat for the flu other than Chicken soup?

Asked by 499335508crazygrape (77points) October 30th, 2009

My throat is really sore and I havent had anything to eat yet, this happened to me before and i threw up because i didnt eat anything (cause i wasnt hungry) i tryed chicken soup but it didnt help can anyone give me other ideas about what to eat???

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saltines are very easy on the stomach and usually the first thing one is able to “keep down”

also drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. (put lemon in it too)

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Matzo Ball Soup!

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Crackers and ginger ale?

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Drink a bottle of Robitussin and call it good.

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dry or very lightly buttered toast, crackers, plain rice or pasta, dry Kix are great because they have the tiniest hint of sweet to them so it’s pretty easy to eat them dry.

Any kind of soup is good though because it adds to hydration. Unless of course, the soup you’re eating is loaded with salt…

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I ate nothing but fudgesicles when I had strep throat a few weeks ago. I wasn’t hungry either, but it felt good on my throat.

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Rum and vodka.

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@jonsblond i luvs teh fugicles

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Don’t eat very hot soup or liqiuds if your throat hurts it is irritating and causes more inflammation. fudgesicles sounds like a great idea, because it will actually reduce the inflammation and help your throat. Really you can eat anything, but when I am sick I keep it rather bland, crackers, rice, noodles, chicken, pretzels, and I avoid dairy

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I have the flu too, I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday afternoon. I just drink lots of fluids.

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And gingerale, I always have gingerale when I am sick.

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I just told my dad and he said most of the answers here are exactly right:::::::::)))))

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@499335508crazygrape Hope you feel better soon!

You too @Tink1113

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If you are having problems with keeping things down I would suggest a sports drink like Gatorade or Powerade. When I am sick enough that I am puking foam I find these to help. And then I move on to saltines.

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@jonsblond Thanks!

Powerade is what I drink.

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When I had the flu as a kid my mom made me eat the BRAT diet- bananas, rice, apples, and toast. Dry toast.

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@Haleth When I had the flu Mom ALWAYS fed me oatmeal. With half and half. Looking back, I don’t think that was such a splendid plan!

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@JLeslie I know….I really can’t tell you what effect it had on me….you know, Mom gives you something, you don’t question it.

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Chicken Soup is for colds, not the flu.
Drink Gatoraide.

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I switched it up from chicken soup, to tomato soup. I also was eating a lot of applesauce, because it helped my sore throat. I was barely eating for almost a week. :( But, my body is making up for it with Halloween candy.

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Chicken soup is for everything! Especially matzo ball soup.

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Saltines and flat ginger ale. (ginger helps with nausea).

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u guys all rock literally so many ideas when i was just suspecting one : )

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