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What do you think about the " real life" reality shows?

Asked by faye (17810points) October 30th, 2009

i am judging! i am dismayed by the dumb it down going on re reality shows. octomom? way to much airtime. somehow we are all paying for this stuff.

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I think that they’re interesting to a point. Seeing how other people live gives people with limited interaction with more diverse people (people not just like them) a chance to see how others live. When it becomes pure exploitation, I think its crossed a line.

For example, “Jon and Kate Plus 8” has become exploitation. They’re using the show to promote themselves, books, etc. They’re doing it to be highly paid celebrities. “18 Kids and Counting” is not exploitation. They’re showing how these people live, the parents are not becoming major celebrities, they’re going about their normal lives with some TV cameras around. Sure they’re paid, sure they do the occasional interview, but they don’t let it affect their family life and what they do.

It depends on the show and the people. Octomom would be in the “exploitation” bracket. “The Little Couple” is not.

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I’m a reality tv whore. I love it. Can’t get enough of it. Even when I think it’s a totally ridiculous show (like The Hills), I still watch it just so I can shake my head and roll my eyes at it. Gives me something to do.

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Actually they are comedic ( in the 3 stooges sense) and tragic and imbecilic and… I could go on and will:

Sarah Pahlin is the ultimate reality show whore; e.g. when she states (concerning the ‘press’) :

“You represent what could and should be a respected, honest profession that could and should be a cornerstone of our democracy. Democracy depends on you, and that is why—that’s why our troops are willing to die for you. So how about in honor of the American soldier, you quit makin’ things up.”

Her book is composed NOT of the stuff she REALLY has spoken and arcanely believes but it will still make her a cool $2–3M.

[ I’ve just probably caused 20 more people to buy her godamned book ! ]

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I just hope that people don’t really believe the “reality” part of it. That is scary.

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do you think there is any dumb it down going on?

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There is nothing real about reality shows.

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Sometimes they are amusing, but then I realize that these are real people who have no idea of what they have let themselves in for. Smart folks are generally too smart to get involved in stuff like this.

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@Darwin You just gave me a great idea. Maybe people would enjoy seeing a “What Do Mensans talk about when they are alone together?” show. They could film at regular Mensa meetings and gatherings.

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@YARNLADY – In my experience they mostly talk about beer and how smart they are. Boring!

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@Darwin—I’ve been a member for nearly 40 years, and I can assure you that is an anomaly.

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I think we have had this discussion before. Our local chapter is dullsville, big time.

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@Darwin So sorry to hear that. I have met two husbands through Mensa, and with current Hubby, held nearly every local and many Regional and National offices, over the last 35 years, and hosted events from the local level to the regional level to a huge, successful National event.—

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Nothing. I’m not interested so I don’t watch them but I understand that the entire world isn’t required to like the same things I like so I don’t think anything of the people who watch them.

I don’t believe there’s any dumbing down, by the way, first because a bit of mindless fun from time to time is healthy, and also because of all the choices available. “Real life” reality TV isn’t limited to celebrity antics. There are plenty of informative reality shows on channels like History and discovery like Ax Men, American loggers, Ice road truckers, Deadliest catch etc…

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Ok, I will admit that I LOOOOVVVVEEE “Deadliest Catch.” 9 times out of 10 its very interesting to me, the occasional episode where they don’t do anything but float around and cuss at one another is the one that doesn’t entertain me. I agree with @Jack_Haas that come of them are informative, interesting, and relatively educational.

I also kind of like “Dirty Jobs,” but that’s because I think Mike Rowe is cute. And I love his voice. ;D

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i forgot about mike rowe!!! i guess i was talking about the “jon and Kate” types or the cooking school ” one of you will be rejected”

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There are reality shows, there are “educational” reality shows, then there are what are essentially “game” shows. There might be another type or two, but most of them can be placed into one of these categories.

Those that follow people (“J&K+8,” “18 Kids and Counting,” “Real World”) are reality shows. Those that follow people and teach something about an industry (“Deadliest Catch,” “Dirty Jobs,” “Survivorman,” etc.) are “educational.” Those with eliminations (“Top Chef,” “Project Runway,” and so on) are game shows.

So the question is, what do you think about the genres? I tend to watch game shows more than educational ones and reality shows least of all. If I do end up watching reality shows, its generally late night when nothing else is on. I do not make a plan to watch reality shows, but I do plan to watch the others and keep up with what’s happening on them. Even then, some are better than others.

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I am so totally not interested.

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Reality shows are the main and only reason I do not watch TV.

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