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How does one back-up ones life? Why would one want to do that?

Asked by virtualist (2437points) October 30th, 2009

I would really like to have an efficient way to do both of those things. I cannot remember all my uid’s and pwd’s for everything now. I do use encrypted software to do it for me. I am 3 years behind in updating my/our will ( with all that that means today). Yada-yada! But I would like to go beyond that, without taking eons of personal time to, probably, create only, something superficial to anyone but myself.

Technology-assisted anthologies of life legacies would be useful , online for the planet. We could all gain. We could all contribute.

The tools we need are different in that they need to be easy, uncorruptible, nontrite, and ‘translatable’ , not only into other languages, but other lifestyles, as well.

Help me out here. Look ahead. What DO we need? Let the geniuses start working on it!

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I gave you lurve because it’s a great question in two senses; the first, technical (matt and markyy should take care of that for you) and the second, more philosophical: it reminded me of the housefire situation, where you have to quickly choose what to take with you losing the rest. And in general, how much do you really need to archive of your thoughts, poems and ideas – for whom do you save it, show it in the future? Who really cares? Do you ever really go back and look at old magazines and letters and journals? I don’t, but I keep everything anyway, like a poetic pack-rat.

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Everything I throw away mentally and physically(anti-packratting) is like losing part of my life. Maybe that is the real, real growing old part, I do not like.

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I always imagined a jump in technology that would enable man to ‘upload’ his entire mind and memory into a digital form. Thereby allowing you to live with out a body. Imagine living on the internet as a digital being. Immortality and unlimited knowledge and connectivity with the world. Still though, it would suck to not have a body. It may even turn out to be a curse.

The really awesome part would be to clone yourself, go digital until your body has reached the desired age, then transfer your memories into the mind of your new body. I can see it one the horizon. We are probably very close in realizing the goal technologically. Sadly, it may take a very long time after the discovery until we would be able to use it.

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Giving your usernames and passwords to your relatives once you die can be accomplished by keeping a master-list of all of them in a file that you update periodically, and encrypting that file with some long-ass passcode (64 bit, whatever), a copy of which is in a bank safebox that is to be opened upon your death (mentioned in your will, etc).

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Put it in the metaphorical and literal “black box.” Just drag and drop. It’s pretty easy.

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Thank you aphilotus. I had wondered what’s going to happen regarding all that if I happen to die anytime soon. Or ever, which is likely.

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