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1080p or 720p?

Asked by burlapmellish (110points) December 23rd, 2006
Is it worth the $733 for the higher resolution? The better TV also has 1200:1 contrast over 1000:1 and detachable speakers. And it looks way better. But 720p is probably sufficient, and cost so much less. What does the collective think?
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I think the contrast is worth it. To make the 1080p really worth it you'd have to invest in a next-gen gaming console or a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray DVD player -- that resolution is above what current dvd's can handle. That said, if you can afford it, I say go with the more expensive. TV's aren't like computers; you have them for a while.
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At this point, the technology is shifting to 1080p. That's the new standard for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. So buying 1080p will keep you ahead of the curve, and, in theory, make your TV able to play all the latest stuff for a long time. The resolution standards have been in flux for the past few years, and they'll probably continue to get better and better, but 720p has already been outmoded. Since the TV is presumably a big investment (or at least serious money), you probably want to make sure you have the latest tech--or at least, not tech that's already being replaced.
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You probably also want to make sure the TV is HDCP compliant. That's the movie industry's latest absurd copy-protection scheme, and I think they'll be implementing it into lots of future technology.
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Most defintely 1080p, as a sidenote the Blu-Ray movies are absolutely amazing
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All Sharps and Sonys have HDCP support at this point. I'm getting a Wii and an upconverting DVD player (one that goes all the way up to 1080p) so it'll be a while before I see the real whopping stuff. Blu-ray at $1,000 a player? I'll wait. I have childhood trauma from Betamax anyhow.
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Andrew, I think you're right, the TV will be around for a while. Should be future-proofed.
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I would get 1080p…even if I didn’t intend to play gaming consoles on it. Blu Ray is still new and has a lot more potential in it. 1080p can take full advantage of it where as 720p cannot.

I can see something like 1080p being obsolete within a year. There are already monitors out there with higher resolutions. So why not for a TV? And the way prices keep dropping, I’m sure by the end of next year you’ll see clearance blow out sales on 1080p televisions being replaced by something else.

Plus, if you ever intend to plug in a computer to this television as a media center (a lot of people set this up), it will look soooo much nicer with the 1080p resolution.

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