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What are some good housewarming gift ideas?

Asked by Les (9612points) February 7th, 2008

I have two good friends who just recently got married, and are now making the move to Alaska. I would like to send them something sweet and useful. One of them is moving from Honolulu, so I thought it would be funny to order a heated mattress pad or something like that. Any other ideas? I’m just a lowly grad student, so it can’t be something extravagant like a wine club. ;-)

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You mention sending something “Useful”...Do you know what size bed they have to get them a heated mattress pad? Funny, I like the idea, then again I’m a bit warped and see the humor in that idea… How about a case of Pineapples, mix and match sliced and cubed.
Here’s a thought…How ‘bout the ever practical gift card. Easy to get and easier to send along with a nice card….Check on line for the larger stores in the area that they are moving to. Safeway supermarket has a rather large variety of gift cards…
Good luck.

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A really nice set of flannel sheets. Trust me, they’ll be forever grateful.

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Two hot water bottles with fancy cozies! And chaosrob is right – flannel sheets would be great. If they are moving to small-town Alaska, there’s a great book about that life situation: If You Lived Here, I’d Know Your Name. Also, there’s the traditional housewarming gift (think It’s a Wonderful Life) of bread, salt and wine, symbolizing something like plenty, flavor and prosperity (respectively).

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Bear repellent.

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Search around on gift blogs for ideas. For example, here’s one that has a category just for housewarming ideas:

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I know it’s a little late answering and I’m sure your friends have moved already, but I would have made them something. A crocheted blanket, cost about $25 to make if you have none of the materials at home and you have to buy everything, takes about two weeks to make depending on how large you want it, will keep them warm, it’s practical, and they’ll think of you every time they use it :)

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