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How do you look to newbies fluthers' answers?

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) October 31st, 2009

If you receive an answer from a newbie(0–50 fluther)how easily do you mark his answer as great(in comparison with experimented,well-know fluthers).

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A great answer is a great answer. I don’t pay much attention to who posted it.

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I try to judge the answer by the answer. Not the answer-giver.

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I give a GA to anything that is smart, especially helpful, compelling, or makes me laugh, no matter who posts it.

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I’m more likely to give Lurve to new people. It is like drugs, “The first hit is free.”

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I pay no attention to the flutherer, only to the answer.

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I actually just randomly hand out lurve. Sometimes entire threads, sometimes just one poster’s answers in a heated argument (usually the side I disagree with). I throw the lurve as far into the air as I can and let it land where it may.

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@Blondesjon and here I thought you liked my answers. Turns out I was just in the path of your flying lurve! Whatever!

I give lurve for good answers and good questions, no matter who the contributor is.

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I agree with @johnpowell. I especially enjoy being the first person to give them a great answer if they just have one point. I like to take their lurvginity.

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Who cares how old their account is? That’s irrelevant.

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I like answers from newbies, it’s always interesting to find out new opinions and perspectives and if you haven’t seen their answers before, there’s no expectations.

Having said that, I’d agree with a number of the folks here; a great answer is a great answer, regardless of who posts it.

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I give lurve to anyone I see who has less than 50. After that, lurve to great answers, or answers that make me laugh.

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I give lurve a lot. Jelly age doesn’t sway me either way.

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If a post strikes a chord with me, I give it lurve. It doesn’t matter who wrote it.

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I lurve based on merit not longevity

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I GA according to the answer, even if I despise the person who gave the answer. I just did that tonight, and I would do it again. A GA is a GA, no matter who wrote it.

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Is it a good answer? CLICK!

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