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I need a name for a burger bar...

Asked by Luquen (3points) February 7th, 2008

Young people near a university

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“I can has cheezburger”

(Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

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Wanker’s – “You’ll never beat our meat”

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If your name is patty, then I would say Patty’s Patties.
If not I guess you are out of luck.
or maybe “Flippin’ Burgers”
No I guess that’s dumb.
Most people in college vegetarians anyway.

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What’s wrong with Burger Bar? I’ve never heard of that phrase before, and I’m also a sucker for alliteration.

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@ezraglenn – “Most people in college vegetarians anyway.”...

Ya, and are virgins, who don’t drink alcohol, and only use the Internet for research…

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haha… riiiiiiight. (dont generalize. it makes you look ignorant.)

theres a burger joint near where i used to go to college. if youre far enough you might be able to get away with using thier name.. even though its kinda stealing it.
theyre called Murder Burger and the slogan is “so good theyre to die for”
anyways.. ONE stupid city citizen got angry about the name and made a big deal and the place had to change its name to Redrum Burger. but everyone who knew it before still calls it Murder Burger (and thats what it will be to me til the day i die).

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