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What if we subconsiously created the lives we live?

Asked by kurtman (101points) October 31st, 2009

What if everything that was happening to you during your lifetime was constructed in your mind. What if your imagination fabricated a world for your life to unfold in, and every situation happened because you subconsciously wanted it to happen. Almost like one big dream…

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lol “what if”

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What if. What if.


If grandma had balls she’d be grandpa.

If this was an illusion, it was one that was fit for you to inhabit. Remove the worry and replace it with a thirst for knowledge.

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there’d be no “what if”; there’d only be “when”.

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what? isn’t that the way it really is?

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I’m getting pretty damn tired of being stuck in the Matrix. Where’s Morpheus when you need him? On second thought, I’d rather get with Trinity. That would be a nice dream…......

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I agree with trailsillustrated: I believe that’s what’s happening right now to us all. We all live, for the most part, in lives that we have constructed ourselves. It’s only up to us to change it if we are miserable.

@Bluefreedom: Choose the other pill, Neo!

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Row Row Row your boat
Gently down the Stream
Merrily Merrily Merrily….
Life is but a…..holographic projection on the screen of our mortal minds.

The problem is….someone left the projection running on the dancing popcorn at intermission and never came back for the rest of the show.

I do believe that life really is all of our own making. But knowing this…and then making the quantum leap into full awareness is different. We buy into mass consciousness and are bombarded with so many images and negative memes. Heck, if I absolutely lived this way, totally understood the mechanics of living the creation and was a clear channel to manifest my dreams (not my nightmares), I wouldn’t be in the fluther at the moment….

I’d be in the South of France with Johnny Depp who (in my hologram) never met Miss Paradis but instead met me…in a small cafe on the Rive Gauche…when I reached for a cigarette and he noticed that I could not find a light…I saw a hand with a lighter come before my face….and I said, “Why thank you….but I don’t smoke…I was just doing this to appear to look French…I never had any matches in my purse…” And he laughed and I laughed and he said, “Are you expecting anyone?” And I replied, “No…I’m alone actually.” To which he said, “Mind if I join you?” To which I said, “Of course….you’re John Cusack, right? I loved you in “Say Anything”....” And he thought that was so clever. But the truth was…I really did think he was John Cusack. But he never knew.

In the parallel universe of my hologram, that is.

The End

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Well, I would be a REAL zebra, and I’d be married to that goat that keeps avoiding my phone calls. And, Evelyn would be real, instead of my imaginary friend.

just remember, if wishes were horses, we would all be up to our necks in horse shit.

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What if supermodels could fly to my front door?

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I’m not quite sure how it would be different to the way things are, assuming you were unaware of that being the case. There are some things that cannot be known.

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I used to have a recurring nightmare that I woke up from what I thought was my life, but I was just an infant, and when I tried to explain what happened, I wasn’t able to speak english.

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@buckyboy28 that’s awesome dude, can I borrow that dream when you are done using it? All my dreams involve running from monsters and my feet are glued to the stairs.

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We do every day.

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if we knew that I think we’d start be a lot more careless with our ‘lives’ and that could have all sorts of implications

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so called imaginations just remember god

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@warka1 So called gods are just imaginations.

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