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What is a good type of hair gel for thick, curly/wavy hair?

Asked by rockstargrrrlie (887points) October 31st, 2009

I currently use Herbal Essences “Totally Twisted” hair gel in order to hold the curls and calm the frizziness in my extremely thick, very wavy hair. It does an excellent job at both, and I’m always very happy with how my hair looks. It’s not stiff or wet-looking, and it lasts all day.

My only issue is that it comes in a smaller bottle. My hair is medium-length (a few inches past my shoulders) but as it is very thick, it requires a lot of product. I typically go through this gel in a 1.5–2 week span. I’d like to find a comparable product that comes in a larger sized bottle so I don’t need to buy more every 2 weeks.

What kind of gel would you recommend for me, or would you recommend another hair product? I dislike the appearance of most hair mousses. What type of hair products do you use? Are you satisfied with them?

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I use Dirt by Jonathan. It works pretty nicely, doesn’t leave your hair crunchy or greasy, and requires very little to get the job done. They have it at Sephora and Ulta.

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I will always reccommend this gel by Qhemet to anyone. It lasts. The hold is soft. No flaking. And best of all, no bad ingredients. Expensive, yes. but it’s worth it IMO

Edited to add: The price has actually gone down..nice

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I highly recommend one of the following two products. They only require a dime-size amount or less each application and last a long time, so are cost-effective:

Graham Webb’s “Stick Straight” gel
Abba’s Pure Thermal Protect

If you live in a fairly precipitous climate (ie lots of rain/snow), these products pass the test in my opinion. Abba’s is fairly natural too, an added bonus.

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I have thick, curly hair and I’ve tried every product in the world for every kind of hair in order to find the right thing. I keep coming back to what works the best – Finesse curl control mousse.

The great thing about is that it holds the curl, protects against frizz, is easy to coat your hair with, and when it dries – run your hands over it once to break it up a little. You’ll have well-defined curl with bounce, no crunchiness or that tacky shine and it doesn’t flake or feel sticky. It makes my hair really, really soft. At $3.50 a can, you can also use as much of it as you want.

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What works best for my thick curly hair is Curls Rock gel. It’s like $5 at Walmart. They have a curl activator spray and gel. I’ve used both and prefer just the gel. I used to buy expensive stuff at the salon but found that the cheap stuff works just as well if not better for me. I just gel it up, blow dry it upside down while scrunching and I’m done. when my hair is long-now it’s super boy short and I have to use different product and a flat iron, it’s more work, but I got tired of having the same hair do for about 20 years!

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