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Do opioids cause people to have no disire for alcohol?

Asked by mikeyC (100points) February 7th, 2008 from iPhone

People taking pain meds opioids notice lack of desire for alcohol is this true? Half true or any info just wondering.

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A lot of my friends are addicted to pain meds and xanax. They also seem to drink and sometimes drink heavily. Not only are they drinking excessively, they are mixing the pills with alcohol. I think the two of these alone are the 2 worst types of drugs, nevermind together.

I find it absurd that that a drug like marijuana is illegal, when the biggest problem are the legal ones that drug companies have patents on. Marijuana could replace many different prescription drugs that actually damage the body and are addictive.

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Not with me. I know that when I have something like Hydrocodone it makes me want to drink to intensify the effects. A few pills and a 40 and I am set. I am also a alcoholic so I might not be the best base-line to go off of.

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@both of you above thanks for your input . I guess I don’t know everything , I thought for sure that the opioids increased the same reward center as alcohol would. There by making one have an ” effect” on ones desire to drink. I am sure that there would be many a alcoholic helped by this knowlege if it worked. The persons level desire being composed of more varitables then we can get into here. So I guess the rule we have here is called Lets Party !!! Still I wish to learn more . Thanks again

SquirrelEStuff's avatar is a very good drug information website.

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I would imagine if there was any scientific evidence of this, the drug companies would be marketing it.

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