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Where can I find trustworthy debt counseling?

Asked by nzigler (1323points) November 1st, 2009

Please take a second to read my problem.

My girlfriend has student loan debt and it’s significant. For the first time in her life she has a decent job and now she wants to start paying the debt off. We probably want to explore debt consolidation, debt negotiation, payment plans, etc. – or some combination thereof, to make her debt manageable and begin paying it off.

What I’m looking for:
1. If it’s important to use a local business, we live in Los Angeles.
2. We want a non-profit, government or para-government office, or some other organization that we can TRUST and WILL NOT charge a fee up front before results are obtained.

I’ve never had debt like this so I don’t know where to start. She wants to make good on what she owes but we need to get the debt dialed back and then start a payment plan that she can afford to keep up with.

Thanks for your thoughtful replies!


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