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When will construction of 1 World Trade Center be completed?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14629points) November 1st, 2009 from IM

1 World Trade Center was originally slated as the “Freedom Tower”.
There have been notable periods of inactivity with this project.

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If we built a one world trade center, that would be the doom of the world, just like a one world government.

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In the month of never.

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I walk by Ground Zero every now and again.

No progress.

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Maybe in Q3 or Q4 of 2013.

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Still estimating 2013. Here are websites for the rebuilding project:

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Theyre rebuilding it…? Oh god.

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@pinkparaluies It’s good that they’re rebuilding it. It means that America will not be destroyed, but will thrive and recover after attacks. It’s too bad that they’re not using the original design, which would really be symbolic of triumph and restoration.

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@doggywuv Or how about a more airplane resistant design?

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@benjaminlevi That would be good, so long as they keep the original appearance intact.

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