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Whats the most trusted job finding site?

Asked by invic (110points) November 1st, 2009

Both my sister and brother have snagajob and monster accounts and they find nothing. What are better and more reliable sites for job seeking besides those? I dont even know if i can even say reliable.

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Monster is just terrible. It’s all spam and scams.

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Do you mean which sites have the best success rates?
What job sites do is make your resume visible and give you an avenue to contact potential employers. You have to do the work. You can’t submit a resume in today’s work world and expect your phone to ring with job offers. It takes a lot of work to find work in a tough job market.

That said, a lot of companies post job listings on Craigslist because they aren’t charged a fee.
Try making at least 10 phone calls every day to potential employers until you find work.

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There really isn’t a great job board and Monster and CareerBuilder just don’t cut it.

Craig’s List job postings are actually $25.00 apiece but there still are a lot of crappy, low-end jobs and work-from-home spam.

Because of this gap in good sites, I had to go one at a time during my search. This involved scouring about 25 different org’s sites, at least three times a week. In the end, the job I found was one that I had just cold called by submitting my resume and explaining why I wanted to work for their company. I lucked out completely and got a really good job.

Sometimes, signing up for a professional organization associated with your work (Food Worker’s Union, Nurse’s Association, Programmers Anonymous) will connect you with their boards so you have a more direct crack at postings in your specific field.

This certainly doesn’t answer your question about good sites, but it lets you know that what they’re experiencing is kind of the state of things. I’d be interested to see if anyone else who responds has any good suggestions.

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For technology jobs, is good.

JLeslie's avatar is used by headhunters for executive level jobs. Not sure where you are in your career. This may not help you get a job right away, but it is a good idea to have an account on there.

Also, many associations have job openings on their website, so you might want to join an association in your field.

Plus, depending on what type of job you are looking for there might be specific sites for your field. What type of job do you want?

Lastly, I recommend networking, tell everyone you know you are looking for a job and put yourself out there to meet people. Go to Chamber of Commerce mixers, things like that. And, look in the local paper.

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Yahoo Hotjobs is another broad-based job hunting site.

As noted, many professions have sites specifically geared toward that field. My professional organizations and publications all have job listings on their websites.

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