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Would you recommend hedgehogs as a pet?

Asked by surlygirl (363points) February 8th, 2008

i find them absolutely adorable. although, i can’t seem to find anywhere to buy one in ohio. i have ascertained that they are legal to keep here, so that’s a start.

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I used to have one.. I bought mine at in Eugene, Oregon.

Look for a small pet store that is locally owned. A place like Scamps will probably not have them.

They are not like a face licking cat. They are more like a hamster.

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Like any other pet, you should thoroughly research the requirements for good ownership – can you supply the right housing, diet, supplements, enrichment, veterinary care? Make sure that there is a vet in the area that will see hedgies. I’ve seen quite a few of then with parasite problems, skin problems, etc.

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yes i have a hedgehog and there amazing pets if u get them tame by playing with them daily there nocturnal but anytime is ok and if u do play with them at the same time every day they will even wake up and scratch the cage trying to get out to see u at that time. if u get an untame 1 were gloves there quills are not like a comb there like needles. people that dont have holes all over there hands.people say they dont get tame with gloves cause there since of smell and cant smell u but once they get used to being handled they dont care who picks them up. hope i helped

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i dont think my mom would accept those things

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