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Is the U.S. following in the footsteps of Rome's collapse? Explain Your Reasoning In Detail.

Asked by Goofykid3435 (26points) November 2nd, 2009

Social Studies HW

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Definately. If history teaches us nothing else it is that great nations eventually fall.

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“Social Studies HW”

Nice, at least you admit it. And, yes I would agree, unfortunately.

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Be careful @Goofykid3435 , Some of the jellies don’t like it when you ask homework questions on here. Also, welcome.

To answer your question, I feel that there was a point when the US tried to expand its influence too quickly with too little in terms of support structure. It has come back to bite them in recent years, and I think that we have learned something. However, I am an eternal optimist.

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No, not at all.

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I would say no. We’re not growing our empire to the point of collapse. Plus we have much better modes of communication now.

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No. The US is not an empire. It is a nation. But, US interests and influence in the world will diminish in the near future, as the rest of the world grows and gain in theirs.

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@gemiwing Much better modes of communication have proven futile. All the world still acts like a bunch of children swinging sticks at each other. Nothing has changed. @oratio Regardless of what you call. It follows a very similar pattern.

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@Sabotage82 What are the similarities between Rome and the US in your opinion?

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@Sabotage82 Fair enough. However, I still disagree.

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We’re being frequently sacked by Germanic tribes? Better watch out…Odoacer is going to burn down Washington D.C and kill Obama…

Not quite. The United States is not an empire. Furthermore, the reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire are still debated today. One of the main reasons was the frequent invasion of other tribes. Additionally, the Empire was too big for its own good. It was too hard to maintain something of that great size with the communication available in that time and it began to split up and be ruled by different people at the same time. I don’t see anything like that happening in the United States.

The Roman Empire suffered a period of political anarchy in the 200s that it never really fully recovered from. It was marked as the beginning of the end. The Germanic tribes became more powerful and actually defeated the Romans at several large-scale battles, like the Battle of Adrianople. The other tribes simply gained more power. They began to unite against the Romans and sacked Gaul and other areas and the Romans were never able to regain control.

If you want to read more about it, there is more information here.

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Got enough info to write that essay yet?

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No. I would say that the USA is not collapsing, but is becoming increasingly integrated with other nations because we’re in the age of globalization.

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@Goofykid3435: If you are going to “borrow” answers from this site, do spell “definitely” correctly.

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FutureMemory, no i don’t, it sucks.

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Maybe if you do your studying in Social Studies class, you might be able to come up with a reasonable answer yourself.

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i will, @gailcalled, but i didn’t write definitely

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I don’t know what @BACKYARDSQURRIEL said but it must have been bad enough to get him banned because he’s not here anymore…

To answer this question, you must first ask what made the Roman empire collapse, and as there were multiple reasons for Rome’s collapse there are multiple ways to answer this question. But I doubt the United States is an any danger of falling any time soon.

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I don’t know what @BACKYARDSQURRIEL said but it must have been bad enough to get him banned because he’s not here anymore…

Juvenile nonsense. Lets hope Fluther has the capability to ban IP addresses.

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I mean lets be honest, Rome didn’t really collapse, it moved to Constantinople and continued on for like another 800 years or something I dunno. Then over time became smaller and smaller for about 10 different reasons all disputed, until the Turks took it and the ottoman empire was established. There are a lot of things that cause an empire to collapse, maybe its way of doing things just cannot compete with other types of countries or entities that seek to remove it from power, or maybe its forced out, or a coup is thrown and things change all together. I don’t think the United States has fallen to this yet. I think the fall of the U.S. will either be internally via some kind of civil unrest/war or an uber fail economy, that weakens the dollar and the world is no longer reliant on the dollar to do things like industrialize, or what ever. (this is kind of close to happening but hasn’t happened yet). As long as the world needs Dollars the U.S. has a bit of a monopoly on the world. And who ever said the United States isn’t an empire, we only conquered most of north america, annexed a few islands, exploited south american countries as if they were colonies, and have military bases all around the world. We also own the moon I think… (since we landed on it first?) (dont start conspiracy bs)

So, to answer your question No, because 1 we haven’t split the country in 2 with two capitals, there hasn’t been a major change in morals or religion (pagan to Christianity) We are still a democracy (Caesar over threw the Senate) We are still the #1 economy and other countries rely on us as far as that goes, The military is the most effective and far reaching in the world and we don’t have the same problem of assimilating other nationalities or races that come here or are absorbed.

The U.S. is really just coming down from being the hegemon in the world, but we are not collapsing. (use hegemon in your paper your teacher will jizz his pants)

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The U.S. is going through a relative decline, meaning that it is going to have to share power with other countries. That does not mean that it is going to collapse. It just means that power is being shared. There are some worrying signs similar to the Roman collapse. One sign of trouble is the decline in U.S. manufacturing jobs and dependence on other countries for manufactured goods. Rome had become dependent on its colonies for food production, so that would be one similarity.

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As long as the U.S.(or people residing there) think they are special, or somehow blessed or above anyone else , they will find out they are not. Just like everybody else, no better, no worse. We are all in it together. The “greatest country in the world” is simply a matter of debate. Usually gets you nowhere, except contemplating mediocrity. Like Rome, destined to fall, though that is not a bad thing.

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