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Where can I find moms and dads from Canada to fill out my survey for school?

Asked by brettvdb (1192points) November 2nd, 2009

I’m doing a marketing research project for my post-grad program and I need to get responses from 250 Canadian moms, dads, and busy people who cook for themselves. I’ve contacted a few sites but I don’t think it will be enough.

Any ideas where I can try posting a link to it to get some responses? If someone wants to see what it looks like I’ll post the link, but I wasn’t sure if that was allowed so I haven’t included it.

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i am a canadian mom.

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Some site dedicated to Canadian politics. I’m sure there are forums about it… somewhere.

That, or follow the moose…

Sincerely, though, I have a propensity for dating Canadians. I’ll ask some.

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Haha alright, well here is a link to it anyhow:

Its about the eating and food buying habits of Canadian families. I’ll let you know what I find from it!

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What if they’re Canadians living in the US on a work visa, for example?

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That’s fine, although questions about price would all be in Canadian currency.

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You’re just looking for a convenience sample? Why not stand in front of a supermarket asking people if they would fill out a survey? You could ask your screening questions. Are you a parent? Do you cook your own meals? Are you busy? I don’t know how you define busy, but that’s what you said you wanted.

If they pass the screen, you let them fill it out. If not, you thank them and look for someone else. If you want, you could offer them a coupon for something or have some other inducement to fill it out.

You could also go to farmer’s markets if you have any, or gourmet markets—anywhere that people who cook might go.

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I have a feeling @brettvdb doesn’t live in Canada… Otherwise this question wouldn’t be necessary.

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At a local hockey arena in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)..thousands of your profile requirement in spades…

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