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Are there any websites with just specific information on Columbus' early influences and experiences?

Asked by Ailia (1363points) November 2nd, 2009

I am writing an essay on Columbus and I am running out of time to write my rough draft(due Wednesday). I need to analyze and discuss his early influences and experiences and how they contributed to successes and failures in his voyages of exploration. So I know I’ve already asked a version of this question but I need more specific information on this. Any ideas?

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You asked this four days ago. What have you been doing for the past 96 hours? You could have gone to the nearest university library during that time. Indeed, you are running out of time.

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Columbus is a sham. The means that funded his voyage was the treasure stolen after Isabel invaded the wealthy city of Granada.

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You might want to run to your local library and check out (get it?!) a book called Lies My Teacher Told Me. It deals explicitly with the heroification (and by extension influence) of figures of Western culture like Columbus. There is at least one (1) whole chapter devoted to the man and the realities of his story that students are never taught. The Google book version is here but it is incomplete.

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@gailcalled The nearest university library is like an hour away and I don’t have transportation for the trip. :( And I know I am running out of time, but I had other homework as well, and more urgent then this. Not only that but I was away on a trip. But now this is my main focus. So do you know of any sites perhaps? I don’t particularly want to read through a book, as I don’t know if my local library carries it as it is very limited in its amount of books. Anyways @nxknxk Do you know if I can get that online or do I have to get the book specifically?

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Well, it looks as though half the Columbus chapter is missing from the Google books version I linked you to. If you’re really pressed for time it might help a little. Otherwise I will try to find the book for you in the underworld of IRC, so if you would kindly just wait a few moments….

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Okay, sorry for the double-post. Here’s the book, although this file (HTML) does not include the illustrations of the original print version. The chapter that you are interested in is Chapter 2: ‘The True Importance of Christopher Columbus’. I’m eyeballing it at about forty pages; you can skim through it quickly to see if what you need is there.

It’s legitimate and you can trust me. Just ignore the ads on MegaUpload.

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Thanks everyone for helping me. Oh and you know what is so great, that I just learned? My essay is not due until December the 1st! So I have some time to create a good quality essay. :)

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That is the DAR essay topic, I would know because I’m entering for my local chapter of DAR. Use and focus only one part of the topic at a time or you’ll end up with enough papers to sort through that would probably amount to ten trees.

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Really? That certainly is a coincidence. I didn’t know anybody else was doing this. :) And by the way thanks for the advice. Its going to help me quite a bit. :)

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