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Which shoe brands are best?

Asked by finkelitis (1907points) December 24th, 2006
I'm specifically looking for comfort and durability. I'd prefer shoes that don't use sweatshop labor as well, if that's known.
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Among brands I'm curious about in particular: FLY London, Sandro Moscoloni, Evisu, ellesse, Bacco Bucci, and also Reebok and Sketchers.
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camper. expensive, but durable and no sweatshop.
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I LOVE sneakers made by Saucony. They are extremely comforable and one pair has laster me well over 2 years. Unfortunately, I don't know about sweatshop labor.
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Ditto for the Saucony endorsement; also true for the Merrill walkers I have. They both come w. lots of padding and little miraculous gel pads on soles in strategic spots..heel and ball of feet. As one ages, the only place on the body where the fat disappears w no help is the bottom of feet. So I live in these sneaks. C. $90-$100. No idea about labor force.
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I managed to get Saucony's for about 30$ instead of $90-$100. Check out Bob's sales or something of the sort.
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You might try Mephisto's - they are wonderfully comfortable but quite expensive. I swear by their sandals...they are just as good, if not better, to walk in than sneakers! Other comfy shoes are MUNROS. Both an be found at Nordstrom's.
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Are we talking men or women's feet. For women, Ecco's are wonderful.
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Mesphito are amazing
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and they have a lifetime warranty
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Who's life? Feet or shoes?
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I meant "whose."
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If your concerned about being branded then you got to go with the Adbuster's Blackspots
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DANSKOS are amazing. i think they are made in england but they are super comf and last. i wore mine throughout a year studying in europe and they are popular with waiters/waitresses...
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New Balance are supposedly made only in USA. No sweatshops. Which is nice. Also I second the Dansko vote - I am a teacher and stand up all day and they have been my saving grace.
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Taryn Rose are stylish and very very comfortable, so I’ve heard. Can’t afford them myself yet…

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For comfort, I recommend Dansko, Keen, and Naot. They are expensive, but of good quality. Also, you can find them cheaper on ebay, sometimes. I like New Balance sneakers, too.

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