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What would you do in your last 48 hours on Earth?

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) November 2nd, 2009

Let’s say that something horrible is going to happen to Earth(hit by an asteroid,melt down etc)and you and other picked humans must leave Earth and go to set a colony on another planet to assure that humans won’t disappear.You have only 48 hours before the launch.What will you do in this last hours on Earth,before leaving Earth forever?You can take your family with you(wife,kids,brothers).So besides that what will you do?
Note:The world works in a normal way because the people who will remain don’t know about the disaster that going to come.

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I’ve got 48 hours, I think that I would gather as many books on tape as I could find (easier to transport), get a helluva lot of media entertainment (cultural artifacts, you know) and eat a LOT of junk food that probably won’t be available in wherever we’re going.

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You didn’t mention dogs, I won’t go unless my dogs can go too.

If I can take my dogs, then I would be packing, load up the iPod with books and movies, make sure I have the chargers for everything. Laptop of course and my favorite pair of boxer shorts and t shirt to sleep in. Load up my wood working tools. Other than that I can’t think of much. What will the climate be like where we are going? I should know that because when I moved here I had no idea what the tropics really meant in terms of climate and now I have a moldy leather jacket in the closet and a lot of ant eaten sweaters.

Glad you’re coming avooooooo, we can hang out.

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@rooeytoo Heck yeah! We can hang out in our PJs watching movies.

I forgot to say that I was packing all my cool PJ pants and big T-shirts.

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there won’t be any climate
the atmosphere of the planet won’t be able to keep you alive(but it’s very close to Earth’s atmosphere)so you’ll walk in suite outside but the inside of the colony will look like in the movie“Moon”

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Guess I will not bring my moldy leather jacket then!

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I’d tell him I like him and finally get a real answer…..either way I’m screwed. If he feels the same I’ll have to leave anyway and if he says no then I’m been wasting my last days on Earth thinking about him.

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I’d do everyone who’d let me.

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Tough question.

I would not be so quick to abandon Earth and earthlings. The destruction of the planet that birthed the human race (I presume it was this planet, har) would be a wonderful thing to witness and a wonderful end to any life. But the possibilities of a new planet, a new colony are extremely intriguing.

I suppose like others I would collect as much data and information as possible to remind myself and teach future generations about the planet, etc. We’d obviously dig up all those time capsules that pepper the landscape. My particular fields of interest would be music and literature and photographs of the planet. Films, even. Though I hate the things I might find myself a Kindle.

Also, sex.

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Depends on whether I can count on the preparations for the evac ship or not. If not, I will spend the time stocking up stuff we might need.

But if can, I think I will go and spend some time in the closest thing remotely resembling a wilderness. A Finnish forest, if possible.

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Are there any legal consequences? If not, I would go steal an Aston Martin and go for a belting drive through the country. You said the world would work as normal, but it would take more than 48 hours to arrest and prosecute me…..
I would put as much engineering information as I could on a computer in order to rebuild. I’d also arrange a rock concert if I was able, and see all my favourite bands perform before they die. Then maybe go skydiving, seeing as it would be a long time before I could feel the wind in my face again.

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Strip down til I’m buck naked, and go on the longest streaking streak in history, eluding the police and other authorities, and when the asteroid comes, greet it with my own moon. Take that, space rock!

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This scenario is not even good fantasy, science fiction, speculative fiction, or comic book fodder because the shroud of secrecy is absurb and unnecessary for a potential ‘good question’. If I were to write my storyline it would begin with my breaking into a million pieces the absurb cloaking of the ‘mission’ and insist that a quick Delphi process be implemented as to who would be selected to leave earth. It’s not an easy decision for them to make since the probability of the revamped mission succeeding is about 0.001 percent.

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Get my Wii Fit so at least we can all exercise, and won’t be like those people in Wall-e.

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On the first 47 hours I’d go do the same thing everyday. I would do a gravity bong also.
And in the last 30 seconds of my last hour I would cut myself in front of my mother just so she can see what she caused.

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@Tink1113: Wow. That’s deep.

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gather family up, everybody pack what most important to them, and then pack all the little necessities like thread and needles. seeds of ever kind i could get, books about medical conditions, all the herbal remedies i could find, especially tea tree oil, then every book they’d let me take, writing paper.,,and let’s not foget my makeup!

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@faye asteroids are attracted to face makeup, leave that stuff behind.

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Seriously, this scenario isn’t even plausible. FEMA couldn’t get their shit together in 48 hours after Hurricane Katrina, how do you expect anyone to accomplish the logistics of something of this magnitude involving a disaster as cataclysmic as the destruction of our home planet?

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I’d eat a bunch of shit. I’m assuming this other planet wouldn’t have any junk food.

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@Psychedelic_Zebra i didn’t say that the mission plan was made in 24 hours.They know about this for months and you have 48 hours before leaving Earth and i asked how will you spend this time it doesn’t matter how good the scenario is. Is something that I made in 3 minutes so focus on the important part:how will you spent that time.

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In my last 48 hours alive I would drop out of college, get married, and use all my savings to go to Sitka, Alaska. I would not fall alseep for shit. I would rock climb and try my best to figure out a way to get my family to come with me. i think i would do more.

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Max out my credit cards to take some children living in poverty to an amusement park or something.

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I wonder. Who would leave their families under such circumstances? What would their families think of them? I would not go unless my family came with me. If they came with me, I’d spend the last 48 hours preparing for the mission.

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@daloon I mentioned at description that your family IS COMING WITH YOU.

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@Christian95 Oh, if my family is coming with me, then you can strike what I said about streaking.

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I’d pack like crazy for the first 10 hours to make sure I’d have everything to keep me entertained.
For the rest, I’d get my boyfriend [assuming I can take him instead of family. I don’t really care about I need someone to help me repopulate our new colony…] and we’d go do whatever the hell we want.
I wanna make a bomb and blow something up.
hint hint if you’re reading this..
Then I’d do random acts of kindness for a while and get the hell on that ship.

Though.. . can we bring pets? I’ve got a hamster and a few horses I’m not trying to leave here.

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@Psychedelic_Zebra lol just eye makeup then

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@faye I’m fully planning on stealing as much eyeliner as I can. I’ll share.

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great, we’ll be looking good out there hoeing the garden.

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ok, as @rooeytoo said, I wouldn’t go without my two dogs and budgie, wallace, but assuming I can take them and my hubby, I’d pack dvds (all of babylon 5, all nine series of x files, all 3 series of millenium, all of House MD, all of my Fry and Laurie dvds, all of supernatural,all of stargate… you get the idea LOL my history, politics and philosophy books (need something to keep the cobwebs out of the brain) and family photos. I’d then spend the rest of the time helping my mum in law and brother in law pack and get organised to go (you did say our family was coming too and, as unusual as this seems to be, I love my mum in law, and bro in law is a treasure so if i have to i’ll hide all 6 foot 5 of him in my trunk, he’s even worth leaving my dvds for :-) hugs xx

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I would want to spend it simply conversing with my friends and family. I would love to be able to do more… maybe spend time with each person what we always did together one last time… but conversing I think would be the best way for me to leave this world. I am very loquacious, seems only fitting.

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Try to take care of my affairs as best I could so that my family and friends wouldn’t have to deal with too much. Try to find homes for my cats and dogs. Spend time with people who matter to me, and make sure they know how important they were to me.

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@virtualist If you don’t like the question, why answer it? Write your own if its like that.

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@FireMadeFlesh I did not answer the proposed and original question.

I changed the proposition I did not agree with in the original question and wrote a brief response to that.

So, both of your sentences are wrong.

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I’m not gonna spend all my 48 hours figuring out what to take with me like a lot of people that answered. I would skip school if I had it on those days, and play xbox live constantly.

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@sweetteaindahouse So what would you do once you left? You wouldn’t have anything.. and nobody is going to want to share since resources are going to be limited.

@virtualist: I agree with @FireMadeFlesh on this one… by “answering”, they meant responding.. which you responded.
If you don’t feel like this is a good question.. ignore it.

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@virtualist “This scenario is not even good fantasy, science fiction, speculative fiction, or comic book fodder because the shroud of secrecy is absurb [sic] and unnecessary for a potential ‘good question’.”

Sounds to me like you don’t like the question. Don’t we always answer a question within the confines of the intention of the inquirer?

“I changed the proposition I did not agree with in the original question and wrote a brief response to that.”

I see you did, which means you did write your own question. Sorry if I made a suggestion you had already implemented.

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@rangerr I didn’t mean that I wouldn’t collect anything. It’s just that other people only commented about what they would collect. I wanted to tell what I would do for fun.

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@sweetteaindahouse Okay. That makes more sense now. Bring the xbox with you. We can figure out how to set up live up there.

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fine, I’ll spend my last 48 hours downloading porn, happy now?~

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Burn down my crazy lady neighbors house for starters, then scoop up a case of wheat beer grab, my sweetie, a blanket and hit the beach for one last hurrah!

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I hope to spend that time with my wife and with whichever of my children and grandchildren can be there with me.

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I would say goodbye. I am assuming due dilligence has been made to insure perpetuation of those things desired and worth preserving at the destination. Also assuming since months have been spent aware of this all details are addressed, and my personal assistance is not need.

first I would ask why me and not someone else. Is it really needed?
Second, as above I would say goodbye to the things about earth I love, the air, wind, trees, rain, ocean, slopes. The warm sun. The sound of animals and birds.

I would question if life were worth pursing without these things, but I would carry on if called for by others. Death is not always permissable ethically. There is time later for that. Death in that situation is merely the outcome of relaxed vigilance.

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They’d have to have ark space available for me, I wouldn’t leave with the micro farm friends…honk, honk, cock-a-doodle-doooooooo, cluck, cluck, hee haw, meow, baaaaaa….......

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Try to find out why I was picked, and then gather up as much information as possible to support what is needed from me.

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I’d find Gerard Way and tell him about what will happen. I’d tell him to save his family. I’d stay on Earth and smile when I’ll be dying. he would be safe on another planet, with other humans etc

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I guess that I would pack and make sure that everyone with me made a list of everything they will need and check it twice then go to a nice Italian restaurant and charge the meal. As a matter of fact I would buy everything I could with my credit card, kind of one last F.U. to MasterCard.

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I’d gather the photo albums, load as much good music and reading material onto DVD’s as I could, stock up on tasty goodies up to the weight limit allowed, and then spend some time with my friends and family while recording video every moment.

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Bring a shotgun, kids, xbox 360, and nacho flavored slim jims. Leave the wife, family, and anything that would remind me of my past life.

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