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How to connect to a remote Windows computer from an Ubuntu machine.

Asked by Thammuz (9272points) November 3rd, 2009

My girlfriend has several problems with her computer and she’d like me to scan it from my linux computer for viruses. I have her password, but i don’t know how to get her ip to send a connection request, nor do i know what protocol to use. Any help?
I know it’s supposed to be the samba protocol, and i have ettercap installed to get the IP (or better yet if anybody could tell me how to see one’s own IP on vista, so i don’t have to guess which connection is the right one) what i miss is the actual steps between the getting the applications and entering on the system. Mind you that i don’t want to access a shared folder, i need to access the whole thing, like you would with an ssh protocol on two linux computers (i do it all the time with my laptop, but it has ubuntu too)

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Why not boot from a “rescue” disk that contains command-line versions of some good antivirus programs? Hiren’s is one that comes to mind – a lot of useful utilities.

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I’d use bart PE or something.

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Problem is i don’t have time to go there and do it in person, otherwise i’d use my bootable usb drive with ubuntu. If i could access it remotely i could simply start the scan in the morning,tell her to leave the pc on and check the result in the evening…

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Samba is just for file sharing (Ubuntu can do that, similar to NFS I believe), for remote connections you van use VNC (the graphical SSH equivalent). You’d have to enable that in Windows and then you can use the Vinagre VNC client (I believe it’s installed by default) from Ubuntu.

Also, unless you have done something to hide the IP, like using a proxy, you can just get your IP from ;-)

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You need a remote desktop server on the Vista machine.

Pro and Ultimate Vista include Windows Remote Desktop server

Home Vista can use VNC as a server.

rdesktop and VNC are Linux clients, they may be included with Ubuntu

If she has a router or firewall, you will probably have to open port 3389 for RDP.

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ok, i guess i’ll have to get off my lazy ass and do it in person this weekend. I’d have to install that stuff myself anyway, since she really can’t use PCs… Thanks anyway people…

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I believe there is an RDP client for linux. I use an RDP client to remote from macosx into my windows machine,

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A/V scans are best done on the PC from a clean booted live cd or usb stick (bart PE, UBCD, etc.) run the scanner from there.

I have used UBCD in the past for this type of thing. Do a google search for Ultimate Boot CD

This is a list of some bootable CD’s:

If you want to do it remotely you have a couple of choices you can use RDP (built into windows I think on your OS its called “Terminal Server Client”) or VNC. For either remote solution to work you will have to make sure that any router/firewall’s are configured to pass the proper ports. is a good way to get her IP address (as someone else has mentioned)

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