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Could anyone recommend me a chocolate pancake recipe?

Asked by Ame_Evil (3046points) November 3rd, 2009

I was making scotch pancakes last night which were really good, and I thought “what is stopping me from adding cocoa powder to this mixture?”.

So can you stick cocoa powder into pancake batter, and if so what other ingredients would you need to add in order to balance it out? I intend to eat the pancakes alone as I have no filling.

Any help is appreciated :).

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The first one seems like it’s what you are looking for =) the others were just cos I started enjoying looking at pictures of chocolate pancakes… mmmmm

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Scotch pancakes? Did you combine pancakes and alcohol? I’m impressed and hungry!

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If only scotch pancakes worked like that, I’d be drunk and full!

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Nah they were just smaller pancakes that are known in the UK as “scotch pancakes”. They look like the pancake on the left in this picture:

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@Chrissi85 Thanks for the help, I think I prefer the first recipe as it seems to be much more simple :). Will try them tonight and give feedback.

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Let me know how it goes, I am tempted to try it myself =)

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You should add chocolate bits too!! >drool<

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Take out two tablespoons of flour and add two tablespoons of cocoa. I would add some more sugar – maybe another tablespoon and a half – to what’s already in the recipe.

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Meh the first recipe wasn’t that good, probably as it didn’t contain sugar. I’ll try tedibear39’s method out next with the scotch pancake recipe next time.

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Ah sorry mine didn’t work out

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@Chrissi85 It’s okay… icecream made it taste better :p

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