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Can you suggest ways to associate a news article with a person's name?

Asked by metadog (378points) November 3rd, 2009

Hi! My boss has recently had a couple of articles written about him in some sports magazines. He coaches on the side and his teams are doing really well. He would like to find a way to associate these articles with his name when you Google him. Can you suggest some tactics that I might use to make this happen?

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The simplest way is to have him create multiple “presences” across the web. Do some or many of the following things:

1. Make a blog for him on that has the articles linked in the side-bar.
2. Make a profile for him and include links to the articles:
3. Have him post it in Facebook under his account.
4. Go to the newspapers website in the articles and have him leave a comment saying “This is me (INSERT NAME HERE)”
5. More things like this… (continue as needed).

You’re basically attempting to do SEO (search engine optimization). Be careful not to be too spammy. Just make a lot of places on the web that link the articles in the same general area as his name. Eventually, Google and others will find him.

Good luck.

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what @blister said. You basically have two ways to get higher results in search engines- make more links to the articles by making more web pages, or getting into articles good enough that other people naturally link to them.

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