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Trying to "share" a Gmail account with my assistant. Help!

Asked by testtoast99 (80points) November 3rd, 2009

I use Google Apps for your Domain to run my small business and I am trying to configure my Gmail account on Google Apps to allow my assistant to “share” it.

I do not mean I want to share the full login credential.

My goal is merely that any messages that comes in for me:

1) Will appear in my assistant’s inbox (seems forwarding accomplishes this)

2) Can be replied to by my assistant in my name (Gmail allows me to change the send from address and this is working)

3) And the reply or whatever action is taken by my assistant is reflected in my inbox. This is the part I can’t figure out.

When my assistant replies to someone in my name, on a thread that originated in my inbox and was forwarded to my assistant’s inbox, I would like that reply to be associated with the thread in my inbox.

As far as I can tell, Gmail does not have an auto-bcc capability, so that plan is out.

Any ideas? Very much appreciated.

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I’m not a techie so this may not be helpful but couldn’t s/he just BCC you every time?

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Here’s an idea:

Create your main address ( as a list instead of an individual user (the UI for this is a little hidden in Apps), then make both you and your assistant members of the list. Access will work, and reply-to shouldn’t be a problem, and, I believe, the threading will work properly because you won’t be forwarding.

Also, this is really how Google designed shared addresses to work (even if it’s hidden), so I think it’s more likely to work as desired.

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Gmail Groups may work for you.
—You create a group, which has its own email address
—You forward your email to the group
—You and the assistant read and respond to email via the group screen
I haven’t used Groups, this is just a guess from the little I have read, but I hope it works for you.

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Ahh, ben already had the same idea.
I forgot to add this link
Google Help › Google Apps Help › Users and groups › Groups › Groups

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This can be done except im not so sure about number 3 and you don’t need to share a Gmail account.

To send all messages that come for you use Filters and create one that forwards all messages for you to your assistant’s e-mail.

To make your assistant reply in your name go to.. (on your assistants account)

- Accounts and Import and scroll down to ”Send mail as:

- Click on Send Mail from Another Address

- In the windows that will pop up type in your e-mail.

- It will send you a verification e-mail. Verify it.

- Once it has been verified, I recommend checking ”Send through SMTP servers (recommended for professional domains)” This will make others see your assistants e-mail as your name. (Not checking this can sometimes cause e-mails to show ”[assistants e-mail] On behalf of [your e-mail]” in the From field. I don’t think you want that.

- After everything has been verified your assistant will have the option to send mail in your name or her own. There will be a drop down menu in ”From” when she/he is composing a message.

I hope I helped, any other questions just ask.

(GMail Blog Post)

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Thanks for all the effort put into answering this question. I am very grateful.

The one challenge with all of these proposed suggestions, is that my assistant’s replies to messages don’t actually get reflected in the original thread. Thus, I can’t tell if I am duplicating her work.

It sounds old school, but I think the only real way to solve this is to have her use a client to IMAP into my mail.

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