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What funny, eccentric things do your cats do?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21506points) November 3rd, 2009

Cats are one of my favorite creatures, mainly because there is so much potential for amusement and variation in behavior. They’re so odd and particular sometimes and I love hearing about animals’ personalities and what makes them unique.

For example, I keep finding these toy mice sopping wet in the kitchen. I thought my roommate had gotten them wet or something, until just now, when I found one right next to the big water bowl for all the animals. Knowing both cats, I know they’re tossing it in the bowl and fishing it out for kicks.

So.. what kinds of weird, interesting, and/or amusing things do your cats do?

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We had one that used to get up around 2 am and go around the house opening all the cabinet doors. If you interrupted her she would look at you as if the watch on her furry wrist was ticking off the seconds and you were just delaying her for no earthly reason.

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well, she is dead now. but she did like to enjoy attacking large dogs. specially when she had kittens.

the small ones she used to leave alone for some reason. and she also used to enjoy stopping my parrot from talking. by making a strange sniffin sound just as its mouth opened.

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I think mine thinks she is a dog. She’s very adaptable, so I’m able to bring her to new places and take her out on a leash. She’s always fine with dogs, is kind of like, Eh, whatever, but it takes her like two days to stop growling at other cats. I took her to my ex’s house to help clean the cat’s ears and the cat was growling at people walking by the car! What the hell. ;)

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I used to have a cat that would jump up on my stomach while I was lying down and start massaging her paws into me. Like fluffing a pillow until it was cozy enough for her to lay down on.

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Flower loves Red Vines and she’ll get up in your face to get some.

Mushroom likes to lick plastic bags.

Blackberry doesn’t play with toys she just licks them until they’re sopping wet. Gross.

Jelly will only purr if we are in bed. She comes up in the morning and at night and purrs, but won’t do it any other time.

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My cat, Moochie, is a Siberian Long-Hair. He does many eccentric and funny things, including: Eating toilet paper, it doesn’t matter if it is encased in it’s original packaging, he will chew through that to get to the toilet paper. If it is stored in a cabinet, he will open the cabinet door. Whatever it takes.
He also has a very firm belief in the safety of cardboard boxes. If one of our other cats is chasing him or if one of the human family is chasing him, he jumps into the nearest cardboard box. Instant bomb shelter.
He will eat anything, and insists upon it. He must have a sample taste of whatever the human family is eating. Even if he doesn’t like the food of choice, he must still be offered or he will sit and beg and cry until he gets his way. His favorite dish seems to be spaghetti.
Among his many other interesting quirks are his love of snow, fear of wind, dipping his paw in his water bowl, fascination with the bathtub, drinking from the faucet like it is his own personal water fountain, there are just too many to list!

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We have one cat who knows he’s a dog. When I dole out dog treats he comes running up with them and wants one, too. Also he often sleeps on the same dog bed as one of the dogs. He also doesn’t jump up on laps, he climbs.

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Likes to eat squirrels, leaving the hind section at the front door.

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BIscuit loves cheese. Any kind, she’s not picky. Even if you make mac n cheese she wants a piece of it. Monkey is the cutest. If you laugh (a short HA laugh) or sneeze, he’ll run over and mew at you to make sure you’re ok. I love my kitties.

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Hahaha.. these are great.

@veronasgirl – Yeah, my cat has to inspect what I’m eating. I don’t mind it because most of the time, she’s not interested. But she used to come running from the other room any time she heard us pouring cereal, hoping that we were eating Lucky Charms because she likes marshmallows (dehydrated or regular). She would be very insistent on inspecting the cereal bowl and it was not unusual that one of us would have to say, “This isn’t the kind you like!” Lately, she’s been all about my turkey pot pies.. Not the beef ones, just the turkey. Yesterday, she followed me upstairs, pot pie in hand, and was all in my face until I finished and let her lick the container.

@tinyfaery – My roommate’s cat just loves licking plastic bags.. I can’t figure out the attraction there.

@ChazMaz – Ew.

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One of our cats likes to climb high up on our balcony and “tightrope” walk the railing. She apparently feels most compelled to do this when she’s sure she’s got an audience. Unfortunately though, she doesn’t have the best balance and has fallen to the staircase below a number of times. We’re pretty sure she’s used up about 5 or 6 of her 9 live.

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@ChazMaz – I had one, appropriately named Demon, who also killed squirrels and only ate part of them. However, he always left them gooey side down on the car hood, generally when the car was still warm after I got home in the evening. Thus, the next morning I would come out to find dead squirrel baked onto the paint job.

I also had a cat named Orange Julius, who ate the legs off the giant “palmetto bug” roaches and lined the legless bodies up outside the door to the guest room whenever someone stayed over.

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@Darwin – Ew, but pretty funny. I have an amusing image of the legless bugs lined up outside the door.

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@MissAnthrope – And I have the image of a barefoot friend with a roach phobia stepping on them and teleporting to the end of the hall.

That cat always hated her for some reason.

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@Darwin – Oh, bleh.. I hadn’t thought of the barefoot thing… <shudder>

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Ha. Flower has sinus issues and sneezes a lot. When I have a sneezing fit she gives me a few meows. I think she knows how it is and she is saying bleshew.

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I have 2 cats, they are brothers, and they are 25 pounds a piece. That is 50 pounds of cat. When I try to put them on a diet, they are not happy, and they show it.

At 6 AM every morning, whether I am awake or not, they demand their food. It is 6 AM because that is what time I wake up for work.

On the weekends, I thought I would be smart about it. I closed the door to my room. They were not pleased. They headbutt my door at full speed until I wake up… repeatedly. This is why they usually get their food. They also are very dissatisfied when I tried giving them less food, or diet food. They refuse to eat it if it is not the right amount and the right kind of food…. but they do not refuse quietly.

They wait until I am asleep, and find ways to keep me awake. I have caved in, and they are still fat.

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He sleeps on my neck. I wake up, remove him from said neck, then 30 seconds later, he’s back on it.

He fetches a plastic spider, sucks up all of the heat when sprawling out on my heat register, eats strawberries, grabs my hair ties in his mouth and runs around with them.

Time, for videos and pictures of kittehs.

<—borderline crazy cat lady

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Ahhh, yes.. the whole if-it’s-not-a-toy-it’s-more-fun-than-toys thing. Furry toy mice may be the current favorite, but those are right up there with milk jug rings, hair ties, and twist ties. All of which she carries around in her mouth and transports them to the next fun location to play.

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We have one cat named Peanut Butter, who really should have been named N’Sync, because that is where he can always be found. Like this

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Not exist. (Sorry, I just got in from work and I’m in a silly mood.)

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Mine likes to rest in the sink too.
Gets my hair bands out of the cupboard and takes them various places.
She drinks her water by putting her paw in the dish palm side up and licks the water off of it. ???

I used to have a cat who liked to go out hunting at night. Usually there were a couple of bat heads and wings waiting for me on the step the next morning. I guess those weren’t the tasty bits.

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One is systematically testing every location in our home in his quest for the perfect toilet.

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One my friend and I brought in from the street learned very quickly how to open freezer doors.

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Well, it’s more cute that funny, I guess, but my cat Monkey (back when he was alive) was a cat you could pick up and hold like a baby. When you held him like that, he would put one of his paws on your chest, almost like he was holding on. The bad part was that sometimes his claws would get caught in my shirt and it would be hard to take it out, but otherwise, it was just adorable. Monkey also used to love playing with these blue bouncy balls. He would attack it aggressively and roll around with it and what not. This cat was 17 years old when doing this. It was like he was a kitten all over again. lol

My current cat Whiskers seems to love sitting on the table right in front of you when you’re trying to do homework. I’d invite friends over to work on a project in the kitchen at a table and Whiskers would climb up on top of the table and crush our papers and everything. Annoying! She also loves to watch TV with me. :)

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@DominicX – Awwww.. I can hold mine like a baby, too. She goes all relaxed, yet she stretches her legs out straight, so it looks pretty funny.

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Jolie, my dear feline pal (RIP), used to bounce on my bed to pop music. Duran Duran’s The Reflex, especially, seemed to really get her going. Maybe she had a crush on John Taylor, too. Though I wouldn’t put it past her to have been a Simon Le Bon fan.

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@aprilsimnel – Awwwww! That is the cutest!! I would have enjoyed seeing that. :)

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My cat plays catch. He’ll jump in your lap with a small stuffed toy, drop it, and look at you with his huge, adorable eyes. When you throw hit he’ll run, get it, and after a little while bring it right back.

He gets bored of the game pretty fast, but it is pretty darn cute.

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My kitty (RIP) had a lot of personality, some of it highly neurotic and used to jump up onto my chest when I was sleeping. She’d put one paw on the side of my face and then lean over and really gently bite the tip of my nose.

It was really sweet!

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@figbash mine nips my nose too, usually very gently, we call it a “kiss”.
Then sometimes she is a little less gentle, she is still a kitten and hasn’t learned a lot of finesse.

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My girlfriends cat is batshit crazy. He chases things that dont exist. Darting about the house jumping against walls and then attacking some invisible pray. He likes to hide in the tub too.

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Spencer loves my husband much more than me. When my husband gets home from work and climbs into bed, Spencer immediately gets in bed and wants to lay on my husbands chest….and he is not a tiny cat, he’s a big fatty.
He also thinks he’s a dog, probably in part that we got him at 4 weeks old and a beagle helped raise him.
He has also taken to messing with my parents dog. He is bigger than the dog (a min pin) and will just go over and start batting on the dogs butt or back to piss him off. He finds this endlessly amusing, especially if the dog is having a drink of water and doesn’t suspect it. He’ll also just back right up into the dog, pushing him out of the way so he can sit or lay where the dog is (he does this with humans as well)

Henry is a weirdo. Spazzes over imaginary “toys”, can have a complete conversation with me in meows, is obsessed with my brother and follows him everywhere and cries when he goes outside for a smoke. every.single.time, and my brother smokes over a pack a day! ugh.
Oh and he loves plastic bags too. He likes to sit inside of them, any bag really…I’ve been quite startled by picking up a bag and finding a cat in it. He likes to lick them too.

A cat I had growing up would sleep in the bathroom sink. The heater was under the sink cabinet, so it made the sink really warm.

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Blaze likes plastic bags, too. But he doesn’t lick them, just nuzzles them gently while laying on them. He does it with roses, too. He makes this face like he’s in utter bliss. He also goes nuts over SnackPacks. And he sits on my lap only when I’m in the bathroom.

Cleo meows constantly while sitting in the windowsill, and when one particular friend of mine comes over. It’s really funny and really annoying.

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@ParaParaYukiko my cat too! but a lot of the time, she’ll run a little ways away from you and wait. if you toss the (in this case) sheep over her head, she’ll jump up and catch it, bring it back to you.

She also likes to pretend she’s the prince of persia and randomly run through the apartment, jumping off walls and the side of the bed. I think it’s really impressive.

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Our male cat acts like he’s one of our dogs. When we call for our dogs our cat follows them to us. He also runs to the dog food when it’s time for the dogs to eat.

He also likes to follow our children when they are outside. He’ll follow our sons to the bus stop in the morning and he followed us this past Saturday night when we went trick or treating. He ran into the house of the first house that we went to. i was so embarrassed! Luckily he came right back out with us, but then followed our daughter to the very next door. We had to pick him up and take him back home when we realized he wasn’t going to quit.

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They bark.

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My female cat, Stella, likes to come into the bathroom with me. It started when she was a kitten- the apartment I lived in had a bathroom in the bedroom, and the door did not shut all the way. She would come in and sit down on my lap because she didn’t like to be alone. When I moved into another apartment, I also had a bathroom in my bedroom and she was too set in her ways to get over not coming in. She now cries outside the door and paws underneath it if she cannot come into the bathroom.

She also steals my mother’s rouge brushes and “talks” to them like they are her babies- we hear her standing over them, meowing loudly. She also carries them throughout the house from time to time.

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Bear loves to hide under rugs (she’s the one in my avatar). She noses her way under then tunnels around, much to the amusement of the other two cats (belle and vincent) who delight in pouncing on the moving rug. Bear is also obsessed with tinsel. Belle likes to chew raisins then spit them out and loves strawberry jam.

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One more thing: My cat Vasco likes to eat hair. He’s very pushy when it comes to getting his breakfast and dinner (and snacks in between, of course). If I don’t close my bedroom door at night, Vasco will jump up and start chewing on my hair until I get up and feed him. It’s quite a lovely experience, I must say.

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I had a cat who had a favorite toy ball, she woluld carry it arond all the time. I would find this toy floting in her water dish from time to time. maybe she was giving it a drink?

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My cat, Bub (RIP) used to love sleeping on my bed but only if I were in the bed first. To get me to go to bed ridiculously early he would sit and stare at me with one eye. He would sit at the door of the room I was in and perfectly position his body so only exactly half of his body was showing to me. That one eye staring at me on his motionless body was freaky. He would sit there for ages, not moving, just….staring. If I moved to get up he would race into the bedroom and jump on the bed. If I did not appear within a couple of minutes he was back and staring even more intensely than before. I usually ended up going to bed by 9pm. Spoilt bugger he was.

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My sweetheart of a tuxedo kitty, Smudgebutt, is a lover. I rescued him when he was 6 weeks old from a fallout shelter in an old federal building. He hasn’t left my side since! He only purrs when I touch him. My fiance tries to love on him but Smudge doesn’t pay him any attention. I recently moved apartments and had to break Smudge away from former roomates cats, so decided to get my fiance his own kitten who would love him. It didn’t work. The new kitten, affectionatly known as Devil Demitri (also a tuxedo) only has eyes for me. Demitri wants nothing to do with him haha. I feel so bad! Every once in awhile I will catch Demitri stealing my little horse figurines and stashing them in the closet! I’ve found all but one that he’s hidden so far. He also loves deviled eggs, hence the name Devil Demitri. I had to make about 100 eggs for a party one night, got thru stuffing them and everything, turn around for five seconds, turn back, the inside stuffing was gone, and there was Demitri with yellow egg mixture in his whiskers!! oh naughty kitties!!

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